Sales in 2027 is Fun

Updated: January 24, 2011

Much easier now
In 2027 selling has become much easier for John. Why? Well he made a career for himself and is now global account manager for the government market and he has much more experience. But the real changes that make John's job so much more fun are:

The worldwide acceptance of video conferencing: Instead of starting his day in the car at 6 am to avoid traffic or make millions of air miles to visit customers, John now wakes up at 7 am, gets his cup of coffee and starts his computer to review the schedule for the day. He starts with a video conference with a customer in San Francisco. He only needs to make sure he combed his hair and that the webcam is turned on. The only thing John regrets is that he will get less free air miles.
Matching customer characteristics and the ideal sales rep:
After his conference John sees that he has a meeting with a new prospect, Mr. Krouse from a correctional facility in Holland. This new prospect has not been assigned on geography alone. A genius software system has identified John to be the best sales rep within MacDust for this account taking prospect characteristics, personality, time constraints and other factors into account. Compare it with, but than for a customer-sales relationship. This system significantly increases the chances that a good fit will be established between a prospect and sales and thus increases the chance for an order.
GPS System is fully integrated with CRM:
John jumps in his car around 11 to go to his first customer meeting. The only thing he needs to do is to turn on his GPS system and it automatically calculates the best route for the scheduled visits of today, taking traffic, weather and battery life and charging options for his electric vehicle into account. John can also see if customers are available for a chat using through his connected car which links into his CRM system. When he arrives at the customer's location, the system also provides John with an overview of the customer's history, sales targets and action points to discuss during this visit. John's sales manager can automatically see who of his sales team visits which customer and for how long.
Voice activated CRM-System:
After his customer visit, John receives a call in his car by the voice activated CRM system which asks him some questions related to his meeting and John only needs to answer these while driving to his next customer. The system is automatically updated and much less administration is required by John. This will make every sales rep happier.
Open CRM system with the Customer:
Not only John has access to MacDust CRM system but his customers can also access the system if John has given them permission. The customer is invited to share specific information and knowledge through the system like the success factors in the relation with MacDust and customer satisfaction objectives. Also the customer can indicate if information about them in the system is correct. This open CRM makes conversations and negotiations much more effective, minimizes the risk of miscommunication and saves time for everyone.

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