Must Have CRM Features

By Charron Conley
Updated: February 10, 2011

A CRM solution, or Customer Relationship Management software, is an occupational management tool which has been created to help businesses organize all the information associated with their clients. Management tools can help distribute sales leads and help salespeople supervise orders in real time and close more sales. A CRM can aid with all facets of customer support starting with marketing to the first lead.

Eventually, once a client is established a CRM will also navigate point of sale as well as any ongoing support or follow up. If a CRM is for a call center it can be used to create a complete profile of the customer, which can then be then looked at or edited by the other members of the organization. In a sales circumstance, a CRM allows the team of the organization to check out each other’s schedules, and also to network more effectively.

Here are some must have features to look for when purchasing a CRM whether it’s for customer support, sales support, or both:


A CRM solution that is limited to office use will be less helpful than one that can be used from any computer. This way data can be entered from anywhere such as at trade shows and at customer sites. This allows for employees to be able to work from a home office as well and check in with clients as needed.

Flexibility and customization

Some of the most successful CRMs are ones that are customized for a particular business. Consequently, it’s imperative that the solution is customizable and flexible. However, when the system is customized its needs to be very straightforward and simple to use.

Scheduling Events

With a scheduling feature users can create event archives and administer them a calendar for a day, a week or a month. Also, meetings and dates can be planned with pop-up reminders. This is a key feature that is perfect for keeping employees organized.


Statistics are critical to most call centers, especially if the agent is compensated based upon sales performance. An important CRM feature to examine would be a function that displays agent performance and provides precise statistics reporting. With some systems users can track virtually every keystroke entered by the agent. This way employers know what areas employees need to spend more time one and what is already successful.


Security may be any businesses most important feature to look for. A CRM security features should provide essential security against unlicensed access. Managers regulate access by allocating security privileges to users. With this feature every agent has a username and a password. Once authorized, the agent is allowed access to only those functions permitted. Thus, screens with classified data can be opened only by agents with the appropriate access.

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