Solix, Inc. Expands CRM Business

Opening Third Customer Care Center

Updated: January 07, 2011

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Nov. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Solix, Inc., a leading provider of government and commercial process outsourcing solutions that administers more than $4.5 billion on behalf of its clients, today announced it has broadened the scope of its customer relationship management (CRM) line of business with the opening of a third customer care center that will be operated by its subsidiary Solix CMR. The facility is located in Effingham, Illinois and is expected to produce at least 100 new jobs.

"Solix' success is built on the value, quality and personal service we provide clients which is extremely important in today's business environment," said Solix CEO John C. Parry. "The growth of Solix' CRM solutions, as with our other lines of business, are indicative of the trust our clients have for us and the appeal for what we offer."

The new center is connected to Solix CMR's VoIP platform and provides clients with the flexibility of integrated services including the routing or processing of live inbound and outbound phone interactions, e mails, online chat and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The Effingham facility will help support a variety of client needs including customer service, sales, processing, data capture and reporting. The third care center represents a 28% growth in overall Solix CMR capacity and joins the network of centers that are located in Charleston, Illinois and Terre Haute, Indiana. Solix CMR also operates a Fulfillment Distribution Center in Mattoon, Illinois.

"We understand the challenges clients face today and our customized solutions afford them the flexibility and efficiency they seek without compromising quality and results," said Rick Hall, Solix CMR Chief Operating Officer. "The success and growth we've earned is a direct result of the value of the support we deliver and the success our clients have achieved."

Solix CMR enhances the consumer experience for clients through a diverse portfolio of customer care and integrated marketing support services such as Live Agent Teleservices, Click-to-Chat and Automated Interactive Voice Services. The company's Fulfillment Services offers product and literature support, business reply services, bulk shipments and inventory management. Solix CMR manages more than 60,000 live interactions each day through its customer care centers and also processes more than 150,000 communication pieces daily on behalf of its clients through its Fulfillment operation.

Acquired earlier this year, Solix CMR joins previous acquisition Lytmos Group, Inc. in the growing Solix family of companies. Lytmos, which provides peer-review and grant program administration to government and private organizations managing competitive grant programs, was purchased in 2008. Both companies were purchased to compliment Solix' core offerings of solutions and services that specialize in managing compliance for regulated programs, funds distribution and eligibility determination.

Government clients choose Solix to manage public benefit programs ranging from funding for Internet access for schools, libraries and healthcare facilities to qualifying low-income consumers for discounted utility services and reviewing grant requests for scientific research. Commercial clients choose Solix to simplify and manage customer contact operations as well as processes often related to meeting regulatory requirements.

About Solix

Solix, Inc. is a process outsourcing firm serving government and commercial clients. We provide complete solutions for program administration, with an emphasis on eligibility determination, funds distribution, grant administration, claims processing services, registry administration, managerial reporting, and compliance reviews. Solix-managed programs include Internet and telecommunications infrastructure grant administration for schools, libraries, and rural health care providers; low-income telephone and electric service discount certification and verification; and support services for the physically impaired. Solix offers peer-review and grant program administration services, with a focus on high-technology research, economic development projects, and social services interventions. The company also offers integrated marketing support services such as Live Agent Teleservices, Click-to-Chat, Automated Interactive Voice Services, and Fulfillment management. Learn more about Solix at

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