du Selects Openwave's Context Aware Mediation Platform

Enhances Its Growing IP Mobile Traffic

Updated: January 06, 2011

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug 16, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Openwave Systems Inc., a global software innovator delivering context-aware mediation and messaging solutions, today announced that du, the integrated telecom service provider in the United Arab Emirates, has selected several products from the Openwave Context Aware Mediation suite. The products include Openwave(R) Media Optimizer, Openwave(R) Web Optimizer, Openwave(R) Integra, Openwave(R) Web Adapter, and Openwave(R) Media Adapter, and are expected to help du better manage and monetize their mobile network traffic through the optimization of web and video content delivery to a wide range of mobile devices.

"We wanted the most efficient way to manage our growing network traffic so that we could improve our users' experiences, while at the same time create new services," said Hatem Bamatraf, Senior Vice President - Network Development, du. "We believe the quality of Openwave's Context-Aware Mediation solutions will provide us with the advanced technology needed to deal with all types of traffic, especially online video through Openwave Media Optimizer. These targeted solutions are expected to also help us provide customers with the products and services they really want when they want them, and all at affordable prices."

Openwave's Context Aware Mediation solutions operate through an open, IP framework and are expected to serve as a single control point for du's total traffic management. These Openwave solutions will enable policy control, content adaptation and web and media optimization, allowing du to offer a variety of advanced services, while simultaneously improving the overall user experience.

"Data growth in emerging markets is on the increase and operators need an intelligent way to manage this new influx of web and video traffic," said John Giere, senior vice president of products and marketing, Openwave. "Openwave's Context-Aware Mediation suite combines a powerful, next generation service mediation and policy management engine that's designed to allow operators to effectively grow customer revenue while lowering operating costs. Openwave is pleased to begin a budding relationship with du -- an established UAE-based company with a global reputation - and we look forward to providing them with outstanding products and support."

Openwave Media Optimizer

Openwave Media Optimizer is an intelligent, scalable, and policy-aware video delivery solution that enables the reduction of data transmission costs and works to improve the online video experience across any device. Media Optimizer provides content-aware compression that works to ensure that perceived video quality remains the same after compression, reducing costs while increasing effective bandwidth. Media Optimizer's advanced caching also helps eliminate the need for operators to deploy hundreds of servers to manage traffic during peak traffic periods.

Openwave Web Optimizer

Openwave Web Optimizer uses compression, caching and transcoding techniques to increase data transfer rates over du's wireless data networks while decreasing the amount of traffic flowing over the network. Web Optimizer delivers faster browsing speeds and more immediate access to content while conserving valuable bandwidth.

Openwave Integra

Openwave's Integra platform orchestrates and mediates mobile internet services with a rich policy-rules engine, allowing each transaction to be processed based on factors including user profile, device capabilities, content and network type. As traffic increases, Integra can rapidly scale to deploy new mobile data services across converging access networks and devices.

Openwave Web Adapter

Openwave Web Adapter takes content requests from mobile phones for standard web sites and converts the web pages into highly compressed, functional mobile phone-compliant WAP2 pages. Web Adapter enables subscribers to access the vast majority of the Web on their mobile phones in a mobile-compatible format and provides access to more of the Web on a WAP2-standard phone than any other competing product.

Openwave Passport

Passport allows operators to offer a range of different data access plans to their subscribers, from a monthly recurring plan with specified "fair usage" limits to a more flexible pay-as-you-go, time-based "pass" that might be more suitable to the casual data user. Passport monitors the user's activity (by time or traffic volume) and can proactively inform them when appropriate of events such as allocated quotas being reached, changes to their service plan, new data changes that may apply or new services that may be of interest. The subscriber may also manage their service plans directly with on-demand access to time and/or volume "meters" and options for extensions or upgrades.

Openwave Media Adapter

Openwave Media Adapter converts web objects -- including audio/video clips and MS Office documents -- to a format suitable for your mobile handset. Specialized content is presented simply and intuitively as a web page, an image, an appropriately resized media file or a stream. Media Adapter increases web traffic by improving web usability -- users get the content they want on their devices, in the same PC-style format.

About du

du, the integrated telecom service provider in the UAE, launched mobile telecommunication services in February 2007 across the UAE, in addition to internet and pay TV services that du provides in some of the free zones of Dubai. Call Select, du's nationwide fixed line services for voice telephony, was launched in July 2007. By the end of 2008, over 3 million people in the UAE chose to become du customers.

Among du's many firsts is its historic Number Booking Campaign for both individuals and business, Pay by the Second billing system, Mobile TV, Mobile Payments, first of its kind 'WoW' recharge card (which offers customers the choice between more credit, more time and now 'more international' recharge option with additional credit on international calls) and Self Care.

For business customers, du business offers include Closed Business User Group and preferred International Destinations. du Broadcast Services division brings scalable media technology platforms and telecommunication solutions to the broadcast community through its world class teleport (Samacom) and Master Control Room (MCR) facilities.

du products and services for consumers and business are available through du's retail network, currently numbering 33 du shops located in strategic locations across the UAE, more than 3000 authorized dealers or through du e-shop, accessible at http://www.du.ae/en/where-to-buy/eshop.html. du shops are a one stop shop for mobile service, carrier select and the payment of the service bills.

du is 39.5 percent owned by the UAE Federal Government, 19.75 percent by Mubadala Development Company, 19.5 percent by Emirates Communications & Technology Company LLC and the remaining stake by public shareholders. It is listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and trades under the name du.

About Openwave Systems

Openwave Systems Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!opwv/quotes/nls/opwv (OPWV 1.63, -0.01, -0.31%) is a global software innovator delivering context-aware mediation and messaging solutions that enable communication service providers and the broader ecosystem to create and deliver smarter services.

Building on its mobile data heritage, Openwave mobilizes the Internet with predictive solutions fueled by real-time analytics that mediate among all different ecosystem elements, permitting the enhancement of every mode of IP traffic. The result can provide customers with a 360-degree view of their network, devices and services, and enables them to proactively optimize network resources, quickly launch smart mobile services, and provide a contextually relevant user experience.

Openwave is a global company with a blue chip customer base spanning North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Openwave is headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information please visit www.openwave.com.

Forward Looking Statement

This press release contains statements regarding Openwave Systems' expectations regarding the functions and benefits of Openwave's Media Optimizer and Traffic Mediation solutions, as well as the expected availability of Media Optimizer and Traffic Mediation solutions. Actual timing of release and performance of Media Optimizer and Traffic Mediation solutions could differ materially as a result of unanticipated factors and events, including technical difficulties or other unforeseen reasons. Further risks inherent in Openwave Systems' business are detailed in the section entitled "Risk Factors" in Openwave Systems' Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended March 31, 2010 (filed May 7, 2010 with the Securities and Exchange Commission).

Openwave and the Openwave logo are trademarks of Openwave Systems Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

SOURCE: Openwave Systems Inc.

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