Network Equipment Technologies and Inceptio A/S Team Up

Supports Hempel Group's Migration to a Microsoft OCS Environment

Updated: January 06, 2011

FREMONT, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/24/10 -- Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. ("NET") (NASDAQ: NWK), today announced that Hempel Group is deploying NET's VX Series to extend the capabilities of Hempel's VoIP-enabled, multi-branch environment. Hempel is a global enterprise delivering advanced paint and coating technologies for marine shipping container applications. NET teamed with Inceptio A/S, a software and services development company, using NET's VX Series to deliver integration between Hempel's existing Cisco handsets and its Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS) environment.NET's VX Series, which is qualified for Microsoft OCS 2007, is a fully integrated multi-service voice switch that provides high-performance VoIP communications for enterprise OCS deployments. The VX Series interoperates with all leading PBX and IP-PBX vendor protocols, offering rapid deployment and easy installation, with minimal maintenance.A critical component of the solution was ensuring Hempel's global voice network would be always up and running. The solution was initially deployed in Hempel's headquarters and within six months was rolled out into branch offices from Greece to Poland and the US, enabling more than 1,000 users to obtain the benefits of Microsoft OCS without the need to replace existing telecom equipment. Hempel expects to continue adding branch locations throughout the year.

"The flexibility to integrate a new voice solution with our existing equipment was key to our decision to move forward. We feel confident that our remote locations will have continued communications services in the event of any outage. In addition, we have already begun saving costs on domestic and international calls," said Mike Sutton, Global IT Project Manager at Hempel A/S. "We are truly pleased with the solution, service and follow through that were provided by NET and Inceptio A/S." "NET has been leading the way with the development of networking equipment tailored for unified communications solutions. Their products are enabling enterprises to deploy software powered voice with more interoperability and collaboration," said Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen, Technical Evangelist at Inceptio Learning Solutions A/S. "NET's VX Series delivers high availability with exceptional voice quality and was able to meet all of our technical requirements. In addition, NET provided exceptional training and other critical resources for a successful deployment. We see NET as a partner that will be in the forefront of the UC movement." "Our ability to easily integrate new VoIP technologies into existing voice networks in any environment in any location is critical to our success. Teaming with Inceptio, we were able to rapidly deploy a proof of concept and put the solution into production right away," said Matt Krueger, VP of Corporate Marketing for NET. "The UC implementation was conducted smoothly and efficiently as a result of Inceptio's expertise in Microsoft Unified Communications solutions."About The Hempel GroupThe Hempel Group of companies was established in 1915 by Mr. J C Hempel with the motto of "Quality and Service," which is still the hallmark of the Hempel Group.

Over the years both content and meaning have been adjusted to meet changing market demands. Hempel operates within several strategic segments. These include marine paints, protective coatings, container coatings, decorative paints and yacht paints. The first Hempel factory started production in 1915 in Denmark. The Group has since grown to become a world-wide enterprise comprising 2 main and 4 regional research and development facilities, 20 manufacturing plants, 47 sales offices and more than 130 stock points strategically located around world. In short, wherever you are, Hempel is always nearby, ensuring prompt delivery of freshly produced quality coatings supported by Hempel's world-renowned service.

About Inceptio Group

The Inceptio Group was founded in 2001 and is a market leader in the Danish IT-services market focusing on Microsoft products and related services and specializing in Unified Communications and Identity Management solutions. Inceptio ( are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and member of the VPP (Voice Partner Program) and have delivered up to 5,000 user Enterprise Voice Lighthouse implementations. Inceptio have also received several awards including Microsoft Partner of the year 2007 and 2008 and award at WPC 2008 for "Uplifting the UC ecosystem." Inceptio Learning Solutions ApS ( is part of the Inceptio Group. Inceptio Learning Solutions provide Unified Communications training to System Integrators worldwide. The training is delivered by experienced consultants, who know exactly how to make solutions work in challenging end-user scenarios and what training is required for consultants delivering services on behalf of Microsoft Partners. This is proven by Trainer evaluations from over 1,000 participants that exceed 8.5 on a scale from 1-9.

About Network Equipment Technologies

Network Equipment Technologies, Inc. (NET) provides network and VoIP solutions to enterprises and government agencies that seek to reduce the cost to deploy next generation unified and secure communications applications. For a quarter of a century, NET has delivered solutions for multi-service networks requiring high degrees of versatility, security and performance. Today, the company's broad family of products enables interoperability and integration with existing networks for migration to secure IP-based communications. Broadening NET's voice solutions, Quintum Technologies, now a part of NET, is a VoIP innovator whose applications bring the reliability and clarity of public telephone networks to Internet telephony and unified communications. NET is headquartered in Fremont, CA and has 14 offices worldwide including the US, the UK, France, the Middle East, China, Japan, Australia, and Latin America. The company sells its solutions through a direct sales force and an international network of resellers and distributors. For more information, visit

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