SIP PRINT Now Available on U.S. GSA Schedule

Federal Supply Code 70: Information Technology

Updated: January 06, 2011

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2009 -- SIP Print™, ( creators of the first and only truly affordable SIP-based VoIP call recording platform, today announced that the company's entire product line was successfully added to the General Services Administration schedule under (FSC) 70, Information Technology, Contract GS35F0311R held by Technical Communities, who is the GSA technology partner of SIP Print distributor ABP International, Inc.

GSA buyers can now easily procure SIP Print's affordable SIP/VoIP call recording appliances for government agency locations utilizing VoIP phone systems. SIP Print's lineup of call recording appliances are ideal for locations with as few as 20 users or as many as 200 seats per location. The company's SIP Print SME appliance is designed for larger organizations, and includes enterprise-class redundancy via dual power supplies and dual, hot-swappable drive bays. SIP Print's patent-pending platform can also record advanced functions like voicemail or "follow-me" calls on mobile phones or other off-premise phone numbers, ensuring endpoint accessibility. SIP Print's award-winning voice recording systems are compatible with mainstream VoIP phone systems and hybrid systems including: Allworx, Aastralink, ADTRAN, Altigen, Avaya, Cisco, Epygi, Fonality, Grandstream, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, ShoreTel, SIPfoundry, Toshiba, Zultys, 3Com, and more.

Law enforcement, emergency services, education, and call centers are excellent examples of agencies where recording phone conversations can be critical for purposes of quality assurance, compliance or legal protection. We are pleased to make available our complete suite of highly affordable, SIP-compliant call recording appliances to these organizations.

GSA is an agency of the United States government that helps to manage and support efficient government operations by delivering expert business solutions, innovative management policies and superior equipment to taxpayers and federal customers. The GSA buying and selling process occurs on GSA Advantage, the one-stop online resource for Federal employees offering the most comprehensive selection of approved GSA products and services. SIP Print's call recording solutions are also available to GSA buyers through Technical Communities' online marketplace, and now, State and local governments can buy through FSC 70, too.

"The growth in government regulations and mandates in the areas of telephony and record-keeping makes SIP Print a valuable addition to the GSA schedule as we are uniquely suited to meet the growing government need for related technologies at the local, state and federal level," said Jonathan Fuld, chief technology officer of SIP Print. "Law enforcement, emergency services, education, and call centers are excellent examples of agencies where recording phone conversations can be critical for purposes of quality assurance, compliance or legal protection. We are pleased to make available our complete suite of highly affordable, SIP-compliant call recording appliances to these organizations."

About SIP Print

SIP Print is redefining SIP/VoIP call recording with the industry's first and only affordable systems tailored to small and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 seats per location. SIP Print appliances offer; easy installation, simple maintenance and operation, and scalability to support the expansion of high-growth SMBs. SIP Print is compatible and easily integrated with the industry's leading pure SIP-based communications systems and supports leading hybrid VoIP systems as well. The company's affordable, one-of-a-kind SIP call recording systems are SIP 2.0-compliant and CALEA-compliant, and are available through distributors, resellers and OEMs worldwide. To discover the power and simplicity of SIP Print please visit

About ABP

ABP International, Inc. (dba ABP Technology) is a Dallas, TX based, value-added distributor of IP Telephony and IP Video solutions and services marketed throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The ABP portfolio includes VoIP phones and IP-PBXs, IP peripherals, IP paging products, gateways, Mobility solutions with WiFi, DECT and Dual mode technology, IP Surveillance Cameras, recognition software, video analytics, engineering consultation services, technical support, IP training, provisioning and configuration and fulfillment services. ABP offers a suite of IP Carrier trunking and connectivity to complement our resellers' hardware solutions. ABP's clients include channel partners, specialized VARs, Service Providers, government entities and educational institutions. For more information, please visit:

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