Capital Asset Recovery and Responsible E-Cycling

Updated: August 07, 2009

There are a lot of data rooms, data centers, and Co-Locations that have a lot of used and excess I.T. equipment just lying around collecting dust. Some of this equipment still has value, however its like a donut in the shop. It may have value today but perhaps not tomorrow. The market is very volitile and changes weekly if not daily. If you have gear lying around it might be prudent to liquidate it sooner than later.

Does your company dispose of e-waste in the garbage or do you rely on someone to dispose of it for you, if so you may be at great risk from the EPA. All equipment has serial numbers and they can be traced right back to you and you can be heavily fined. With a company that offers E-waste management and responsible recycling and end of life certificates with equipment death certificates you can relieve your company of any and all exposure.

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