With Eye on Cloud Standard, Apprenda Offers Free Downloadable Version of SaaS Application Server

Updated: June 01, 2010

All of the main features and functions of SaaSGrid application server have been ported to the self-installable Express edition. Apprenda says their product has drastically reduced time-to-market and capital requirements for independent software vendors (ISVs), SMBs and enterprises, with some customers experiencing 50 to 70 percent reductions in planned engineering time and associated costs.

I like to think of this as allowing for SaaS "stack bursting," which could easily augment cloud-bursting efforts, seeing as users of Apprenda SaaSGrid can run on Amazon EC2 as well as for on-premises virtualized workloads. The model might also work really well in migration efforts, of going from legacy apps to web and ultimately cloud deployments.

According to Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller some 93 percent of ISV-delivered applications have yet to make the transition to on-demand and SaaS-delivered. That's a lot of apps.

In addition to the complex architectural foundation afforded by SaaSGrid Express -- such as low effort multi-tenancy and resilient grid-scalability -- the product also provides some of the other "out of the box" application services found in the full-fledged commercial SaaSGrid offering, including:

  • Metering
  • Monetization
  • Subscription Management
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Cloud control
  • Billing
  • Customer provisioning

This new edition enables developers to quickly build, deploy and onboard customers to their .NET applications, letting them build significant revenue streams without any license costs.

Full-licensed version

ISVs leveraging the full-production-licensed SaaSGrid edition pay a per-server, per-month license fee, and benefit from full customization and branding capabilities, as well as additional features. This licensing model, known as the SaaSGrid Monthly Server License, includes free access to maintenance and software upgrades and comprehensive customer service (based upon the number of licensed servers).

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