How Not to Fumble Your Super Bowl Mobile Marketing Opportunity

Updated: February 04, 2011

Step No. 1 in any effective mobile marketing campaign is building up a mobile database. What better time than the Super Bowl to do this? You have a highly engaged and interactive audience that is willing to interact with your brand on one of the most personal devices - a mobile phone.

For brands to successfully engage mobile audiences, the key to success is the call to action. It needs to be clear, concise, and repeated in the ad. Following are the three best practices for mobile calls to action - and what to watch for during Super Bowl commercials:

  1. Roll the call to action twice. Bookend the call to action at or toward the beginning and at the end of the ad. The beginning tells audiences to ready their phones and the end concludes with instructions for how to engage. This closes the spot with an ask after piquing audiences' interests. If you forget the call to action, you haven't grabbed your audience's interest and you've just flushed millions down the toilet. Then you're just left waxing poetic about the increase in brand recognition you received from your Super Bowl commercial. The lesson is to always ask to engage. Go ahead, don't be shy - ask the audience for a relationship. Ask them to initiate contact for a fun special compelling reason to interact with you immediately.
  2. Involve more than one sense. It is better to see graphics and hear an announcer's voice as opposed to just trying to decipher words from a voiceover while trying to make sense of what's on screen. Bottom line - integrate images with video and audio. Flash on the screen your written call to action - and then show screenshots about what audiences will receive for responding.
  3. Leverage the power of mobile. Start with the broad universe of text users and let device detection personalize the experience for everyone that engages. "Text FOOTBALL to 84237 for a chance to win two tickets to next year's Super Bowl!" If you want people to download an app, reply to their text with one-click instructions. Don't ask them to go to the App Store - you'll have narrowed your market to only iPhone owners. Once you have their attention, you can ask them to go to a mobile website to view more special offers, relevant content, alert programs, etc. Integrating your mobile app, mobile website, and messaging strategy is the ultimate triumvirate, or game-winning strategy.

If the audience spends time engaging with your brand via their phone during the rest of the game, you are trumping all the other ads and the action on the field itself. People have an insatiable demand for interaction - tap into it.

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