Linux Web Hosting or Windows Hosting

Updated: March 01, 2010

There are several operating systems for web hosting servers such as Linux and Windows. Linux is a system that runs on servers, this is one of the most popular operational solutions for the web because it is cheaper to install and operate. Windows hosting solution is another popular, thanks to strong support. Overall, both are common, and are available for many reasons.

When it comes to deciding what hosting company to go with you can see that one of the hosting company provides Unix web hosting and others offer Windows hosting. Even, it's time that you can choose one or another of the same company Web Host. What are the differences between UNIX and Windows, and that should be used?

Technically speaking, Linux and Windows servers that really do not differ much in their performance, both of which use very different technologies and software. Therefore, it is almost impossible to make head to head comparison. However, there are some visible differences between the 2 operating systems (OS), you should know to help you find the best solution for the web hosting business.

Traditionally used for Linux server scripts based on PHP or Perl. These scripts are Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and many other blogs or content management systems. Windows servers, by contrast, are used with ASP scripts, ASP (dot) net, or Access. MySQL works as well as Windows and Linux. Today, the cross-platform scripting - ie scripts with PHP / Perl for Windows or ASP / ASP (dot) net / Access to Linux - is permitted by some ISPs.

Windows are commonly used by Windows NT or 2000, and of course, as you know Microsoft charges for its software, while UNIX is an open source operating system, this means that the original creators to waive any rights and can use, modify, improve or do whatever they want with, free.

Regarding security, there really is no difference between Windows and Linux by selecting options, the difference lies in the host society, using a plan that has signed u. Both the request for accommodation based on Windows and Linux hosting applications are pirated. However, the general rule is that Windows hosting is less secure than Linux Hosting. Even if you decide if you are not sure which to choose, call support to your host or send an email describing exactly what is going to organize and what functions of the website. Web hosting, promotion techniques are better able to help unless you know exactly what I intend to do with my hosting account..

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