Starting Out With Social Networking

Updated: December 16, 2009

Google was on the ascendency and I studied it hard, keywords, page length, link strategies and structure. I built a network of linked sites and got my website to the top of the pile in the search engines and sure enough the enquiries started to arrive, the phone rang.

Nowadays I believe, the Internet is being relegated into second place. The www is crowded and the noise is overwhelming. It's difficult enough to even find a domain name thats available and matches your business or aims wihout resorting to .biz or .me or

Google continuess to dominate and moves it's algorithms every day. Businesses with bigger pockets get to the top of the pile quickly and focus huge internal resources on hitting the Search Engine Optimisation trail and fund click through marketing strategies. Small businesses can't afford to keep up without lots of time, deep pockets or an free IT wizard by your side.

Enter stage left Social Networking or Web 2.0 as we techno friendlies refer to it. As if V1.0 is out of date. V1.0 of course is the web as we know it, static websites. Ok with the odd bit of flashy graphics nowadays.

New mediums for communication have arrived, instant always on, in your face and multi-faceted.

Sprung from the ideals and wishes of the upcoming generation of Text and Instant Messaging children who don't do phone. Facebook now has 300 Million subscribers, Linkedin around 50 Million if the figures are to be believed. Twitter is everywhere, on the radio, TV, celebrities are sharing their feelings, people creating people power again with largely FREE technologies.

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