FCC exempts Verizon from business broadband regulations

By Ryan Ayers
Updated: April 01, 2011

FCC exempts Verizon from business broadband regulations

The FCC declined to act against a petition by Verizon Communications, Inc. which requested fewer regulations and a release from oversight in certain areas of the business broadband marketplace. In declining to act against this petition, the FCC has exempted the communications giant from regulations that apply to broadband services for businesses and other carriers.

Verizon’s rationale behind the petition was to “enable Verizon to have the flexibility to further deploy its broadband services and fiber facilities without overly burdensome regulations,” said Verizon in their statement on the issue. This de-regulation may enable Verizon to roll out broadband services more effectively by allowing for investments in new services that have been deterred by regulation.

Without the regulations in place, Verizon will no longer need to file price reports with the FCC, nor will they be required to respond to “reasonable requests” for services or provide services on a nondiscriminatory basis. Verizon volunteered that it plans to continue to offer DS1 and DS3 services in a nondiscriminatory manner.

A statement drafted by two dissenting commissioners of the FCC warned that the lack of FCC regulation means that Verizon’s broadband services are no longer subject to US government wiretap regulations, FCC consumer privacy regulations, are not required to interconnect with other networks, and have no limitations on price increases.

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