Business Software

Updated: August 24, 2012

Software is the lifeblood of businesses that rely on technology to operate. In particular, modern enterprise software is critical to manage complex planning, resource, sales, marketing, operational and human resource functions. Highly specialized and sophisticated areas of enterprise software now exist to support a business of any size in its operations.

The commonest use for enterprise software is in customer growth and support functions – basically supporting the sales and the service operations of a company. This is normally handled by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. CompareBusinessProducts has whitepapers and buyers guides to help you decide which of the many flavors of CRM is right for your business.

Another very common use for enterprise software is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP software is used for the operations of the business and making sure that the resources and facilities of the business are being used effectively in any of many different ways. Again, CompareBusinessProducts has tools and articles to help you understand and navigate this complex area.

Another key area for business software is Business Intelligence (BI). This kind of software takes the data you are recording about your business, whether it is sales or inventory or any of the other facets of the business that you track, and helps you visualize and understand that data in order to make smarter decisions about your business. It can help you see developing sales patterns or understand where particular inefficiencies or efficiencies lie within your business.

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