Q&A: Best Marketing Automation Tools

Streamlining Your Company's Email and Social Media Practices

Updated: August 30, 2016

Marketing Automation

Q: What marketing automation software solutions would you recommend for a mid-sized business? We need help automating emails as well as social media messages.


A: Thank you so much for your question! Implementing marketing automation software into your business can definitely enhance your marketing capabilities by increasing the efficiency of your campaigns and providing you with deeper analytical insight into what strategies are working well.

Marketing automation systems are among the most underused, yet powerful, software tools in business circulation at the moment. This means that you are ahead of the curve in your business insight, and your company stands to gain a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors by using such a solution to streamline, organize, and analyze your marketing efforts.

As a medium-sized business looking to automate email sequences and social media posts, you would undoubtedly enjoy a wide array of valuable features and capabilities offered by the leading providers of marketing automation software. However, the selection process can be somewhat complex. If you choose a solution that does not fit your business needs and marketing initiatives, then it could actually lead to frustration and decreased productivity.

Here are some key questions you should answer before you begin shopping for the perfect marketing automation solution for your business.

  • Do you have a current marketing solution or cumbersome procedures in place that could be resolved with your chosen software?
  • What kind of marketing methods do you use frequently? How can this system help make you more efficient and profitable through automation?
  • What capabilities and features are absolutely necessary to automate your marketing activities in the ways that align with your company goals and marketing plans?
  • What defines the success of your existing marketing campaigns? Can those things be adequately managed and tracked within the system you are considering?
  • Do you have a strong IT staff in place to help manage more complex integrations and system customizations some solutions may require?
  • How tech-savvy are the team members who will be using your marketing automation software most frequently?
  • Is the system user-friendly? What kinds of support and training options are available to enable your success? 

Once you have determined exactly what business needs you’re looking to fulfill and which manual tasks you can automate best with marketing automation software, compare the features and capabilities of our top recommended marketing automation solutions to determine which solution best fits your business needs and your marketing strategies.

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