Q&A: The Top Open Source CMS

How to Manage Content Efficiently

Updated: September 14, 2016

Content ManagementQ: I desperately need a content management system. I work for a startup that runs more than one blog and produces regular news articles. Because we're a startup, I need an open source CMS. Which one would you recommend?

A: Thank you for your question! As the startup company you work for grows and develops more complex content needs, you are absolutely correct to begin considering implementing a top performing Content Management System (CMS).

Integrating a CMS can help your company organize, store, and share key content necessary to meet all your business goals and marketing initiatives. This powerful system is also capable of streamlining the process of regularly producing and scheduling content pieces, which will help free up valuable time within your teams that can be dedicated in other areas geared toward growth. In a startup, every individual plays a key role in the success of the company, so increased efficiency and time-savings are particularly important in order to continue your efforts to scale in size and impact.

While there are on-site CMS deployment options available, the upfront costs and maintenance needs are often too much for a startup to take on and manage effectively. Fortunately, there are some great cloud-based, open source CMS solutions that offer all the key capabilities and features you need to effectively manage and meet your content needs. 

Two of our favorite open source CMS solutions for startups are Agility and Box.


Agility offers an entirely cloud-based content management solution that allows you to design, create, organize, and schedule content delivery from a user-friendly interface. This system makes it very simple to create custom workflows and automate regular content delivery as well.

The initial investment in the system is affordable, and their monthly pricing models are easy to justify and build into a startup budget.


Box is a great CMS solution for startups because it offers powerful content management tools for a very low startup cost. With Box, you can use a simple, online system to create and share content. You can free up valuable time with content automation features, and even access the system from mobile apps to keep up on your content needs while on the go.

We hope this information is helpful in identifying a great, open-source CMS solution for your startup company. As you continue to grow, please let us know if you have any other software recommendation needs.


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