Q&A: Fine Tune Your Video Conferencing System

5 Tips for Improved Video Calls

Updated: January 11, 2017

Video Conferencing

Q: Lately, my video conferencing equipment has been on the fritz. There is a ton of static, the image cuts out, I can't always hear people when they're speaking. Nothing has changed, so I'm not sure what's causing this. What should I do?


A: Thank you so much for your question! While video conferencing systems are very popular for business meetings, due to cost-efficiency and their power to connect people in a virtual, face-to-face experience without having to be in the same room or location, it is certainly perplexing and frustrating when your video conferencing software or equipment does not function optimally.


While most video conferencing systems do tend work very well most of the time, audio and video issues may periodically arise and hinder the success of your video conference. Fortunately, most of these issues can be resolved quickly through troubleshooting.


Here are some of our handy video conferencing troubleshooting tips and tricks you can try to ensure that your software is performing well and help you get your video conference back on track quickly.


1. Check your internet connection and broadband usage.


If you’ve been experiencing video conferencing issues such as image distortions or inability to hear others in the meeting, then you may need to check your internet connection to ensure that everything is operating correctly. Try resetting your modem and contact your internet provider if the issues persist.


2. Close any programs you do not need during your video conference.


Video or audio interruptions can sometimes occur if you are trying to use other programs during a video conference, particularly if those programs require significant internet broadband width or memory on your computer or mobile device to operate. Try closing any programs that you do not need during your video conference to ensure it runs smoothly with no interruptions.


3. Check the audio settings on your video conferencing software and any equipment you may be using.


If you’re experiencing issues hearing others during a video conference, or others have trouble hearing you, then you may need to check the audio and video settings on your video conferencing software and any equipment you may be using, such as a headset. Make sure that you have your volume at a midrange setting and that you haven’t accidentally muted your headset or mic.


4. Ensure no one on the video conference is using speakerphone.


While speakerphone can be very convenient, it can easily cause audio issues on a video conference with static, background noise, or distortion. Ask other members of the conference to refrain from using speakerphone or mute themselves when they are not speaking if they do not have any other option.


5. Reboot your video conferencing system and then re-initiate your meeting.


If your audio and video issues persist despite using troubleshooting tricks, then you may simply need to reboot your video conferencing system, and then re-initiate your meeting.


We hope you find these video conferencing troubleshooting tips helpful, and that you’re able to quickly and easily resolve the issues you’ve been experiencing. Please let us know if you have any other business software questions or needs, and we are happy to help!

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