Bloodhound has Chosen Cisco as Networking and Video Partner

By Catherine Hensley
Updated: May 01, 2012

Bloodhound has Chosen Cisco as Networking and Video Partner

Cisco and Bloodhound recently announced their partnership at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a well-known motoring event held annually in England. Bloodhound SSC is an ambitious project with the goal of breaking the record for land speed with a supersonic car receiving power from both a rocket and a jet engine. At the Goodwood Festival, it was announced that Cisco will be partnering with Bloodhound as its networking and video partner.

In the Cisco/Bloodhound partnership, Cisco will be providing support through video-based collaboration and networking technology for the engineering and educational aspects of Bloodhound’s endeavor. A new web TV channel, “Cisco BHTV,” premiered during the second week in July. Being broadcast into schools and homes around the world, Cisco BHTV will help to increase the educational initiative that is the core aim of the Bloodhound project. Bi-monthly films are planned as part of the regular programming on the channel. The first two episodes show how key components of the supersonic car were manufactured while also documenting how the students at Wallsall’s Joseph Leckie College are attempting to break the Guinness World Record with a scale-model car inspired by the larger Bloodhound model. More information and related videos can be found at

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