Cisco Finishes Acquisition of newScale

Expands Cloud Offering

By Robin Wilding
Updated: April 18, 2011

Cisco Finishes Acquisition of newScale

Cisco, the worldwide leader in high-level networking is expanding their cloud offering by once again adding industry-leading technology via an acquisition. Cisco recently purchased newScale Inc, a cloud-based software company that specializes in self-service portals and service catalogs.

San Mateo-based newScale Inc. offers scalable on-demand solutions for commercial and enterprise-level customers that are looking to provision their own systems. newScale's SaaS cloud solutions align perfectly with Cisco's recent focus on making the move to cloud computing solutions.

The services offered by newScale complement Cisco's current cloud offering, which includes both Cisco-branded and partner network solutions. The addition of newScale's offering will help Cisco with their commitment to supporting flexible choices to their tens of thousands of customers.

The acquisition was kept very hush-hush with undisclosed financial details and terms. The talent that drove newScale to success will now report directly to Cisco heads of departments, as Cisco gained not only a product but incredibly talented developers and architects as well.

NewScale is currently a leading provider of auto-service, service catalog and lifecycle management solutions for the enterprise space—and uses a blend of private and hybrid cloud computing elements.

The transition is already in place as newScale's website has already begun being branded as a Cisco solution. 

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