Juniper Networks More Than Doubles the Capacity of the Network Core With New Upgrades for T Series Routers

Updated: May 22, 2012

Juniper Networks More Than Doubles the Capacity of the Network Core With New Upgrades for T Series Routers

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced a new capacity upgrade to the TXP multi-chassis routing system for all existing Juniper Networks® T4000 and T1600 core routers. Multi-chassis systems continue to be a critical technology for service providers to scale their network infrastructure while ensuring operational continuity and optimizing capital expenditures. The new TXP system more than doubles the capacity of the previous generation and delivers customers greater scalability and investment protection by extending the lifespan and performance of their network infrastructures built on T Series Core Routers. This capacity upgrade is done in-service and provides service providers with the financial and operational flexibility to expand network capacity where it is needed to support the growing bandwidth requirements driven by immense online video, social media and ever expanding cloud services and content.

News Highlights

  • The rising adoption of always connected devices and rich media applications worldwide places tremendous demands on service provider infrastructures, causing network and equipment scaling requirements to grow rapidly. To address these challenges in an economical and operationally sustainable manner, service, content and application providers alike require solutions with unprecedented financial and operational flexibility and scale.
  • Juniper Networks T Series IP/MPLS multi-service core routers provide the leading features and multi-terabit scale that service providers need to handle massive growth in core bandwidth requirements. The field-proven in-service upgradability provides customers guaranteed access to future T Series platform innovation, resulting in unmatched investment protection.
  • With the introduction of the T Series in 2002, Juniper pioneered the "modern" IP core router and redefined the market with its innovative architecture that has allowed our customers to flexibly and economically grow their network by taking advantage of the unique in-service upgrade capabilities that were engineered into the platform from the start. Since the first shipment in 2002, well over 7,000 T Series routers have been deployed in the top 200 networks worldwide allowing billions of users to enjoy the services offered by their service provider every day.

The TXP multi-chassis routing system supports the following key functionality:

  • Up to 4X T4000 and 8X T1600 system capacity
  • Up to 22 Terabits per second (Tbps) of capacity
  • Future capacity expandable up to 64 Tbps
  • Simplified pay-as-you grow installation and expansion with standards-based cabling and pluggable optics

Juniper's scalable and flexible multi-service core architecture with carrier-grade reliability and guaranteed high-performance can efficiently deliver a wide breadth of revenue-generating services while minimizing both capital and operational expenditures, ensuring customers can achieve:

  • Continued scaling of existing multi-service core with a proven platform that is future ready
  • Investment protection for current T Series customer base
  • Operational simplicity with the flexibility to grow seamlessly
  • In-service upgrade to provide continuity and no user interruption

The upgrade for the TXP multi-chassis system will be available for shipment in the fourth quarter 2012.

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