Low Cost Networking Solutions

By Kevin Stewart
Updated: July 08, 2011

Most networking vendors offer a wide range of equipment and services to support everything from small businesses to large networking service providers. With such a broad range of networking options available, it can be difficult to find a basic, low cost networking equipment provider.

When looking for low cost networking options, start with the vendors who offer home networking equipment. These may also be useful for small office or small business applications. While there are many vendors who offer networking equipment and services, following is a short list of vendors that specialize in affordable networking solutions.


Netgear is a manufacturer that focuses on the home networking market, but they also offer a full line of business-class equipment. In addition to routers and switches, Netgear also makes security equipment, smart switches, and network attached storage. Their line of equipment is available through their website or through retailers and resellers.


Cisco has low cost networking solutions that are sold under their Linksys brand. Although Linksys equipment is primarily designed for home use, some small offices may be able to use the same networking solutions that would otherwise only be considered for home networking. For small to medium-sized businesses, Cisco also offers networking systems and services through their partners and value-added resellers.


Dell, which is best known for its desktop computers, notebooks, and servers, also offers business class networking equipment. Using the Dell website, users can order products directly or take advantage of the sales support and professional services available. Networking equipment offered includes web managed switches, fast ethernet switches, access points, routers, controllers, and much more.


HP also sells networking products directly to small and medium sized businesses. In addition to direct sales, HP has a large group of partners who will create a packaged solution that includes hardware, software, and services. HP also offers professional services to design and install your network.

These vendors all offer service and support for their products, and some will work through resellers and value-added retailers. For design and programming assistance, this may be an important option to consider. Consultants and resellers often have the experience needed to help you make the right choices for network design and implementation.

Keeping costs down is always important when considering a major investment like networking for your business. Fortunately, vendors today are able to provide competitive low cost networking solutions that also maintain a high level of quality and reliability.


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