Topic: Business Intelligence

Google Announces Its New Analytics 360 Suite

Google gives businesses a clear picture of consumer habits across their multiple devices with its new Analytics 360 Suite.

7 Great Business Intelligence Software With Free Trials

There are various reasons why using an online business intelligence application is a good choice. But the prices are steep and often a major obstacle to adoption. Check out these 7 solutions that offer free trials.

Amazon Web Services launch cloud-powered business intelligence service

10/7/2015 - Amazon Web Services launched Amazon QuickSight at the AWS re:Invent event, a cloud-powered business intelligence service that makes it easy for all employees to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data.

Meet ElasticSearch, the most advanced search engines on the market

One of the most advanced search engines on the market today is ElasticSearch, a full-text search and analytics engine. Search engine software has become extremely advanced in recent years, now using complex algorithms to provide the most relevant information with predictive search and search suggestion capabilities...

Salesforce boosts its Analytics Cloud intelligence tool

Salesforce has added new options for users of its Analytics Cloud intelligence tool. The new ‘Wave Actions’ flash up crucial information on dashboards so that salespeople can act more incisively as crucial information reaches them faster.

This startup tells you when companies try your competitors’ software

Mobile is the new battleground — for everything. Including, now, enterprise software and services. About 18 months ago, Datanyze launched a revolutionary service for cloud software providers, telling them when companies are trying their competitors’ services and giving them the opportunity to insert themselves into the evaluation and buying process. Today, it goes mobile […]

Data-driven marketing: With new solutions come new challenges

VB, 8/28/2015 - According to eMarketer, digital marketers have a “love affair with data.” Spend on data-driven campaigns continues to grow annually, along with profits attributable to those same initiatives. It’s undeniable that data intelligence has made marketing overall smarter, better, and more valuable than ever before. But innovations that bring great improvement also spawn new challenges...

Big data startup BlueData partners with Intel and takes on $20M

BlueData, a startup with an application companies can use to run big data software like Hadoop and Spark on their existing data center infrastructure, announced today a new $20 million round of funding. The company also announced a major new partnership deal with chipmaker Intel...

Manufacturers Too Can Use Big Data to Acquire New Customers

For industrial and manufacturing marketers, the integration of data, technology and marketing is producing a wealth of new opportunities to boost revenue streams. However, figuring out which technologies to implement and which data to utilize has challenged more than one B2B marketer...

Big data, meet dumb data: How CMOs are driving value from more (and less) data

Big data is great, but larger data sets do not always mean better insights. And while today’s CMO is tasked with being a data-driven marketer, extracting value from the vast proliferation of data they see every day is an increasing challenge...

Is Your IT Architecture Ready for Big Data?

Companies desperately need to assess their current situation and future business needs, and then design and deliver on a IT architecture that will deliver insights from all data more

Seal Software Contract Discovery and Analytics Tools

Seal Software is the leading provider of Contract Discovery and Contract Analytics solutions, that helps locate and consolidate contracts to increase visibility. Seal Software announced a new partnership with Telogis...

Infosys Pairs with Tableau Software on Business Intelligence and Visualization Solution

Infosys, provider of technology and consulting services, announced a strategic partnership with Tableau Software: Infosys will integrate Tableau's software into the solutions it deploys to give clients the power of big data...

Big Data: CRM Data is a Customer Satisfaction Goldmine

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has developed a bad rap for waste and inefficiency. Yet, all the information is in there, ready to be compiled and analyzed. Read on to learn how to use CRM data to drive customer satisfaction...

Forget about health data aggregation - first make wearables people want to wear

Consumers wearables have a long way to go before contributing actionable health information -- first, they have to make people want to wear them and keep wearing them...

Cisco Reinvents its Approach to Data with Tableau

Tableau Software, a global leader in easy-to-use business analytics software, today announced Cisco has deployed Tableau across multiple business divisions in EMEA, in order to drive efficiency and better inform every part of the business...

IBM Introduces New Generation of Cloud-Based Data Services to Help Organizations Know More, Faster

The new cloud-based services will enable organizations to simplify and automate the ability to find, refine and prepare data, to warehouse data in the cloud, making it instantly available for analytics, to curate unstructured data services to increase the confidence in analytics, to enhance mobile and web applications with embedded analytics... Read more

Birst and CRM manager Partner to Deliver Integrated BI Solutions for Deployments

By integrating Birst's Cloud BI platform into their solution offerings, CRM manager will enable customers to tap into the wealth of information within their data to help them make more informed decisions to drive profitability and achieve business goals.

G2 Web Services Makes the Best of its Industry Data and Insights

G2 Web Services, a leading global provider of payment risk management services, today announced that Allison Guidette has been appointed as CEO. She brings deep knowledge of Big Data and will help G2 bring new products to the shelf...

Cloud-Based Data System for Dummies aka Technically Disinclined

Indicative, a data analytics startup, is launching anew data analytics product that offers easy configuration, requires little training and yet provide deep insights....