Topic: Business Intelligence

Better than Marketing Automation; Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Automation has brought many amazing tools to the modern marketer and is widely used to nurture and qualify leads. Take it up a notch with integrated business intelligence, that will allow you to prioritize prospects and create a higher value pipeline. This is Marketing Intelligence.

IBM And Yonyou Partner to Promote Big Data And Analytics

IBM and Yonyou Software, the largest enterprise ISV in the Asia Pacific region, announced a strategic collaboration to offer IBM/ DB2 with BLU big data and analytics tools in YonYou's suite of software (ERP, CRM, supply chain and human resources management)...

The Future of Advertising Lays at the Junction of Data, Analytics, and Creative

Collecting data about your customer base is great... only if you know how tom analyze it to get actionable insight. And analyzing all that data makes sense only if you know how to use it properly in your marketing campaigns. Hence the future of advertising: at the crossroad of data, analytics and creativity.

Simplify Analytics to Get Valuable Business Insights

Nowadays, It has become easy to gather and store data. Making sense of it and getting actionable insights that can really help business decision is another thing... See how Amazon and Netflix were able to bring Analytics to the next level. Read more

comScore's Digital Analytics Software Recognized as Strong Performer for the Enterprise

comScore's Digital Analytix Enterprise solution combines the best of analytics and audience demographics to give companies unparalleled data access and visibility into the chacomScore's Digital Analytix Enterprise solution combines the best of analytics and audience demographics to give companies unparalleled data access and visibility into the characteristics of their entire user base. comScore was recently recognized as a strong performer by TrustRadius.racteristics of their entire user base.

NICE Interaction Analytics Wins Speech Technology Excellence Award

NICE Interaction Analytics is a cross-channel analytics platform that transforms the valuable yet hidden information in customer interactions into business results. It enables the workforce to better handle customer interactions and continuously improve future interactions.

Join Tableau Software's Live Broadcast

Tableau Software will host a financial analyst day during its annual Tableau Customer Conference this Tuesday, September 9, 2014.  Tableau is the leader in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, providing enterprises with a user-friendly interface to create rich analysis and share insights.

Spark: The Power of Real Time Analytics

So much data, flooding into your company's servers and databases... All of it is valuable at some point and in some way... But sometimes, real time analysis is critical: see how Spark can help!

e2b teknologies Announces Sage ERP & CRM Business Technology Summit

e2b teknologies will hold a 1/2-day event for businesses interested in CRM and ERP solutions from Sage Software. This event is open to customer and prospective custoemrs and will cover Sage BI, Sage Mobile and Clous, Sage CRM...

EventBank Revolutionizes Event Management Software Industry

EventBank takes his share of the enterprise SaaS industry with its new approach to event management: a new software that provides customers with real business intelligence and unlocks opportunities.

If You Think Big Data’s Big Now, Just Wait

Have you thought about the amount of data that will be collected when the Internet of Things becomes more integrated and we're surrounded by trillions of connected devices? And all that can be done with it? Read this article for amazing insight about the future of data analytics...

The Good and Bad of Big Data and Biometrics

Biometrics combined with Big Data makes powerful tool. Is Face recognition software a good thing that promotes security and alleviates law enforcement operations, or a breach of privacy that could lead to so many abuses?...

Enterprise Software Has to Reinvent Itself or Die

Enterprise software is crucial to help companies run their business efficiently and gain insights into their operations. But did they help gain any intelligence? Read more...

Zebra Technologies Annouces Record Sales for Q2 2014

With this acquisition, Zebra becomes the market leader in Asset Enterprise Intelligence and moves into business analytics.

Bring Reporting to the Masses with Self-Service Reporting

Self-service reporting is fast becoming a standard capability within businesses. It’s part of a generational change that is redefining corporate computing. Making data available to users and easy to manipulate and customize is key to empowerment and efficiency.

How to Create an OBIEE Dashboard

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition helps you make sense of your company's data. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to build and customize your OBIEE to address your company's and users' needs and gain actionable insights...

Tableau Software Delivers Strong Q2

Tableau Sofware delivers a strong Q2, with a 82% revenue increase, thanks to its business intelligence and data discovery platform (2,200 new customers in Q2) and licence revenues (up 80%).

Spotlight: IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence helps predict customer behavior, using IBM's big data platform and analyzing customer data from multiple sources, both internal and external...

Oracle makes its Database 12c available to all

Multitenant and In-Memory options are 2 main features of Database 12c, allowing Oracle to compete with SAP's HANA platform in the segment of in-memory analytics... Oracle Database 12c is now generally available. Read more

Big Data: The 4 Layers Everyone Must Know

A good Big Data strategy aims to extract meaning out of raw unstructured data. Learn more about the 4 phases data must undergo to deliver actionable insight to your company...