Topic: Marketing Automation

SHould Could Buy HubSpot

Salesforce targets larger organizations, such as Oracle. HubSpot focuses on mid-market companies with its CRM. It might seem to be the perfect alliance.

10 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

10/1/2015 -Makesbridge publishes an easy-to-use marketing automation platform that helps businesses in driving sales, boosting revenue, and closing better deals.

Wherever they go, there you are: Geo-location mobile marketing automation (webinar)

Join this VB webinar on Geo-location: With almost 200 million Americans owning smartphones, and those phones carried with them wherever they go, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers.

Hubspot makes ad campaigns dead simple for small businesses with new ad-builder

9/9/2015 - During today’s keynote at HubSpot’s annual INBOUND marketing event, the company announced an advertising campaign management and optimization platform is now available as an add-on for current customers.

This startup tells you when companies try your competitors’ software

Mobile is the new battleground — for everything. Including, now, enterprise software and services. About 18 months ago, Datanyze launched a revolutionary service for cloud software providers, telling them when companies are trying their competitors’ services and giving them the opportunity to insert themselves into the evaluation and buying process. Today, it goes mobile […]

Data-driven marketing: With new solutions come new challenges

VB, 8/28/2015 - According to eMarketer, digital marketers have a “love affair with data.” Spend on data-driven campaigns continues to grow annually, along with profits attributable to those same initiatives. It’s undeniable that data intelligence has made marketing overall smarter, better, and more valuable than ever before. But innovations that bring great improvement also spawn new challenges...

SmartTouch Interactive Releases Real Estate CRM and Email Marketing Software

SmartTouch® Interactive, an interactive real estate marketing agency and real estate marketing automation and home builder CRM software development company, announces the release of its next generation CRM and email marketing software...

Velocify CEO Nick Hedges Recognized as One of the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management

Velocify, the market leader in cloud-based intelligent sales automation software, today announced that Nick Hedges has been recognized as one of the "50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management" by the Sales Lead Management Association...

Mobile Marketing Is (and Must Be) Highly Personal

Marketers must be specially careful about the advertising content published on mobile devices. Mobile devices are highly personal, and so should be the ads promoted there...

Top 6 Marketing Measurement Technologies

As a marketer, proving the impact of your campaigns through conversions and ROI is how you demonstrate your value to the company. Here are 6 tools that will make the difference for you...

HubSpot Offers Integrated CRM Solution... for Free

HubSpot fulfills iexpectations by offering an integrated CRM system, expanding the reach of its Marketing and Sales Platform. Unexpected though, is the price: Hubspot is offering the product for free to its current customers, and soon to the rest of the world.

Better than Marketing Automation; Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Automation has brought many amazing tools to the modern marketer and is widely used to nurture and qualify leads. Take it up a notch with integrated business intelligence, that will allow you to prioritize prospects and create a higher value pipeline. This is Marketing Intelligence.

Signpost: Marketing Automation for Local Business Marketing

Signpost, already in the market of CRM for local businesses, brings marketing automation this fragmented market. The new Signpost makes it easy for small and local businesses to get quality insights into customer behavior...

Sales Acceleration Technology: the Missing Link between CRM and Marketing Automation

Sales acceleration technology is the buzz word. Not a CRM, nor a marketing automation tool, it aims to accelerate sales processes - shorter cycles, higher conversions and bigger deals. Read more

How Insightly builds brand loyalty

Read this interview of Lorette Jones, Insightly's VP of Marketing and learn how they use one-to-one tolls to improve reach and conversion.

Oracle taps Nuance to bring voice to mobile apps

Nuance said the ideal outcome of the partnership would be for enterprise employees to realize the same amount of productivity while on the go as they do at their desktop. Read more

Vindico Launches MatchPoint to Strengthen Relationships Between Brands and Customers

This enables advertisers to onboard their offline databases and create unique ad campaigns targeted to those audiences within a single interface. Read more

Average marketing automation ROI hits 28% — but half of companies aren’t sure it’s worth it

We’re still investigating the causes and following up to learn what’s different about companies that do say marketing automation is worth it versus those that don’t... Read more

Savo Introduces Savo Inspire, a Digital Postcard App

The Digital Postcard can integrate with marketing automation and CRM solutions based on business analytics requirements to incorporate the latest customer data...

Vocus is marketing automation for the top of the funnel, via 60M Twitter buying signals

Vocus, almost unknown in the industry, already has more than 8,000 small business customers and $28 million in marketing automation revenue in 2013.