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Marketing tech: How to make — or lose — money with marketing automation

The marketing automation space is growing rapidly and will continue to do so over the next couple of years, with marketing automation vendors predicting a 60 percent increase in revenue in 2014.

RelateIQ: The startup that turns salespeople’s data crumbs into gold

RelateIQ began in 2011 when co-founders Adam Evans and Steve Loughlin got fed up with manual data entry. They knew they could build a better way to work by automating the tedious parts of their jobs—and that’s why they created RelateIQ.

Using CRM Dashboards to Motivate your Sales Team

Dashboards translate real-time sales numbers into digestible graphs. They can be used to display overall team progress, show individual monthly stats and fuel a little inter-office rivalry...

Provenir Named a “Cool Vendor” for 2014 by Gartner

Provenir’s real-time customer engagement hub, which sits in the cloud, is used by marketing agencies to orchestrate interactive customer journeys for its clients.

Salesforce and LiveHive Together Provide Sales Teams with Access to Key Engagement Analytics

The LiveHive app can be found within the Salesforce AppExchange, the marketplace of Salesforce's business applications and consulting partners. Once added, the service can be accessed via an in-app tab or within the opportunities section of Salesforce.

New marketing automation rankings: Enterprise usability still sucks

Here’s the consensus: Software for the enterprise still lacks the appeal of consumer versions. Learn more

SugarCRM and Marketo Collaborate To Offer Best-in-ClassCRM and Marketing Automation Solution

SugarCRM Inc., the company that enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market, and Marketo, the leading provider of marketing software, today announced a best-in-class CRM and marketing automation solution.

Do I need both CRM and marketing automation? | Kynetix Blog

Marketing automation is hot – and set to get even hotter with adoption rates of marketing automation technology expected to rise 50% by 2015. But with many CRM platforms already promising varying degrees of marketing functionality do you really need both?

GreenRope's Complete CRM Offers Users QuickBooks Online Integration

The GreenRope-QuickBooks Online integration greatly enhances GreenRope's capabilities for Intuit users. Instead of working in two different platforms, businesses can now consolidate and streamline their efforts to ensure no data is lost.

Microsoft Enters the Marketing Software Ballgame

It will live in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM brand and aims to help marketers drive and manage their campaigns and engage with customers in a personalized manner on multiple devices.

LiveHive Updates Sales Software with Prospect Ranking Feature

LiveHive Inc., a startup that provides software for sales professionals, today launched Insights 2.0, a product that provides detailed, real-time information on which communications are being well received by prospects.

Closing The Loop: Why Marketing Automation Matters

Marketing automation is the term for software platforms that simplify and automate repetitive tasks within marketing departments of businesses. These services provide a way for businesses to retain customers, streamline sales operations, increase conversions and reduce marketing costs. That’s why marketing automation matters for small businesses, large businesses, B2B and B2C businesses on the web.

4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Create A Pot o' Gold

Though sales and marketing departments use different strategies and tactics, their missions are complementary: revenue generation. Adding a marketing automation system to these departments can directly contribute to their collective success, ultimately helping them meet and exceed revenue goals.

Salesfusion launches 'first ever' predictive lead scoring inside a marketing automation system

The line between old-school CRM and new-school marketing automation continues to blur: Marketing automation vendor Salesfusion launched a new integrated lead scoring engine within its core product this morning. “The time and complexity it requires likely explains why lead scoring is so underused.”. The system looks for key data points that are common to successful sales and then applies them to new leads in an attempt to find similarities.

Agile CRM - Next Generation CRM With Integrated Marketing Automation and Social Suite Now Available

Agile has all you need - contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, telephony, newsletter management, 2-way emails, real-time activity alerts, third-party integrations, and lots more. Agile CRM today announced the public beta launch of its cloud-based CRM featuring the three-fold consolidation of Marketing Automation, Social Suite, and Contact Management, aimed at small to medium businesses. With the world’s first visual designer, small businesses can now create multichannel and multi step campaigns in just minutes.

New Research Reveals $12.8 Billion Sales Acceleration Technology Market

SILICON SLOPES, UT-- New research released today from, the global leader in cloud-based sales acceleration technologies and solutions, shows that North American companies spent $12.8 billion on sales acceleration technology last year. The 2014 Sales Acceleration Technology Market Size Study defines the total market size of the emerging sales acceleration category, which bridges the gap between established categories, such as marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM). The study is the first of its kind to reveal how much companies are spending on technology in this category by type of rep, industry, geography, close rates and other key factors.

Predicting Buyer Intent

It measures the expected value of a lead—its likelihood of purchase—by communicating information from a broad array of sources in a short period of time. Marketing automation and CRM systems are designed to capture and house rich data on both customers and prospects.

CIOs: First Befriend the CMO

If you are a CIO who wants to ensure your place in the organization, a good place to start is with the CMO. IT has two critical things to offer the CMO: data and connectivity. Don’t worry about understanding all the newest social media marketing apps, and don’t worry about understanding all the latest trends in the advertising and marketing world -- that’s what marketing people do.

Your Small Data Just Sucks

As a data-driven marketing guy, you'd think I'd realize the most fundamental building block of any conversion starts with accurate "top of the funnel" CRM contact data. As marketers struggle with all of the new tools, we need to review the most fundamental component of marketing, yet one of the most overlooked - quality information, our small data. We also use various email products so we can test and optimize the send and open rates with tuned messages.

Case Study: How MSI Data Drives Business with Content Marketing

She's the driving force of content at MSI, spending her time managing the editorial calendar, researching, writing and editing blog posts, ebooks, white papers, case studies and website content, managing email marketing and newsletters, and performing other miscellaneous marketing and writing tasks. A Useful Blog is Essential "Since we're experts in the field service software market, we're able to create valuable content for potential customers while also making a name for ourselves as thought leaders in the industry. Become a Community Leader According to Joanna, MSI recently became the sponsor of a field service resource center on's website.