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ON24, Webcasting for Enterprises, Goes Viral wih This the Marketing Campaign

If you have a hard time driving engagement to your marketing campaigns, watch how ON24, the #1 webcasting provider for enterprises, enthralls viewers and fuels their funnel...

5 lessons from MobileBeat: Move beyond mobile tactics, invest in the experience first

Read about these five eye-opening insights and lessons from the MobileBeat conference: Invest in the mobile experience, Break free of brand silos, Mobile is a behavior...

How Data and Analytics Can Help the Developing World

Data and Data Analytics, when use accordingly, may offer many opportunities to transform the developing world. read this article to learn about less know projects that make the world a better place.

The Internet of Things: Opportunity is Knocking for Consumers, Enterprises & Developers

What makes this latest wave of devices, appliances and wearable materials different is their connectivity to each other and exchange of data via the cloud. To take this a step further, the Internet of Things is upon us and is something everyone in the technology world is talking about.

Secure smartphone Blackphone now available

Blackphone, a secure smartphone that helps keep your conversations private, is now available.

SugarSync revamps app to compete with Dropbox, Google Drive

SugarSync reveals today its redesigned desktop app, an upcoming mobile redesign, and a (limited time) price cut to compete with bigger players in the markets …

VMware expands validated desktop portfolio

VMware has broadened its validated desktop portfolio to include new features that address a range of vertical industries. The virtualization powerhouse plans to leverage the expansion to appeal to workplaces with sensitive IT demands and a growing remote workforce.

10 Keys to Creating a Mobile ERP Strategy

Mobile ERP has been on the enterprise radar for a while now, with experts telling us we can expect to see companies beginning to adopt it in significant numbers. Read more

Cisco VNI Announces Annual Internet Traffic Grow of 20% by 2018

The Cisco survey foresees a change in traffic composition (with most traffic originating from devices other than PC), predicts WiFi traffic will exceed wired traffic and... Read more

Computex 2014: ARM shifts focus to wearables, Internet of Things

ARM's Cortex-A processors can be found in 95% of tablets and smartphones. ARM now unveils its Cortex-M.

How We're All Coping In The Mobile Cloud

The ability for individuals to connect and access premium services from what are, ostensibly, consumer devices, has created a quantum change in the level of services individuals expect from corporate IT. Today, the pervasiveness of mobile devices and cloud services mean that you’re more likely to get the cutting edge experience at home.

Quip now lets you do full-text search on mobile-friendly documents

Now it’s possible to run smart but simple full-text searches that rifle through documents and chat messages on all of your devices.

Salesforce is giving customers the hard sell on its updated mobile app

The cloud software giant announced general availability of its new Salesforce1 mobile app. Here are some of the highlights: Read more

How Cloud Computing Can Bring The Voice Of The Customer Back Into Manufacturing

The revolution that manufacturers want starts in their front offices, focusing on making every relationship count. Trust, not transactions, matter most in manufacturing today. Read more

Salesforce launches new Salesforce1 Mobile App, connectors to SAP data

The launch includes 30 features so enterprises can manage processes for sales, service and marketing from mobile devices. Read more

Oracle taps Nuance to bring voice to mobile apps

Nuance said the ideal outcome of the partnership would be for enterprise employees to realize the same amount of productivity while on the go as they do at their desktop. Read more

Microsoft, SAP Strengthen Ties With Mobile, Data, Cloud Partnership

The partnership involves 3 parts: The Cloud, Mobile and Data. Learn more

5 of the coolest projects in the works at AT&T’s innovation centers

AT&T executives and researchers showed off several of the projects under development at its five Foundry innovation centers.

IFS Labs Demonstrates How Business Applications Can Work with Wearable Technology

Using Samsung's APIs for notification alerts, IFS connected components of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Service Management systems to send alerts in line with updates to certain processes.

Box Scores Huge Win With GE

This will involve rolling out Box to 300,000 GE employees across 170 countries. GE is betting that Box will help them collaborate internally and externally with partners and take advantage of mobile and the cloud.