Topic: Networking

Internap's OpenStack Public Cloud Beats Amazon Web Services EC2

Cloud SPectator recognizes Internap Corporation's performance. A provider of high-performance Internet infrastructure services, Internap demonstrated significant performance advantages compared to AWS...

Alcatel-Lucent Doubles Capacity of Today's Data Transport Networks

Alcatel-Lucent announced that it is the first vendor to deliver a single-carrier 100 gigabit-per-second (100G)/200G DWDM optical line card giving service providers the ability to more than double the bandwidth capacity of their networks...

IBM Opens New Cloud Resiliency Center

IBM helps companies ensure that they are always connected and in-service: the new cloud resiliency center provides enhanced capabilities to protect customers from costly disruptions...

Wayin focuses on social hubs and social marketing

Scott McNealy, co-founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems, says Wayin helps big brands create social engagement hubs to better understand their audience.

Cisco VNI Announces Annual Internet Traffic Grow of 20% by 2018

The Cisco survey foresees a change in traffic composition (with most traffic originating from devices other than PC), predicts WiFi traffic will exceed wired traffic and... Read more

Arista Networks Shares Gain 28% As It Raises $226M In IPO

Contrary to Box who its IPO, Arista made its debut today on the NYSE, with an amazing jump of 28%... Read more

Adtran Converges More, Changes MSP Space

Adtran just released their newest carrier Ethernet customer-edge IP business gateway that takes the place of at least three appliances. Shrinking hardware is always good, and then adding features, functionality and lowering costs is a defining feature for Adtran, since this is a key differentiator about the company.

Google data centers get smarter all on their own — no humans required

Google has applied its neural networks to the challenge of making its vast data centers run as efficiently as possible, preventing the unnecessary consumption of energy and thus saving money.

How to optimize your Pinterest presence for real returns

According to a report from Monetate, 20% of total social referrals to commerce sites originate from Pinterest. Shoppers who are referred to a site from Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase; and Pinterest referrals spend 70% more on average than visitors from non-social channels.

HP shares tank after accidental quarterly earnings release; up to 16K more job cuts coming

Revenue in the fiscal quarter ended April 30 was $27.3 billion, with earnings per share of 88 cents. Analysts had been expecting higher revenue of $27.43 billion and 88 cents per share in net income.

You make it, we break it: CERN's particle smashers list their toughest tech challenges

CERN openlab is a partnership between CERN and IT companies including Intel and Oracle to develop new technology for scientific researchers. Read more

These 3 startups are using IBM’s Watson supercomputer (as a service)

On Friday, IBM named three new partners in its burgeoning Watson initiative, following its decision to make Watson available as a managed service. Read more

Why HP’s latest OpenStack position looks intelligent — in theory

HP is coming out with its own editions of OpenStack, releasing Helion, a new Cloud Foundry-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and announced plans to protect certain customers from Open-Stack-related patent infringement claims.

Cisco's prototype video-conferencing system puts distant colleagues over your shoulder

In the past year or so, Cisco has been trying to update its products to be sleeker, easier to use, and just all around more premium seeming, while pricing them to appeal to a broader audience...

CloudGenix shows up with $9M to connect data centers all over the place

CloudGenix aims to bring software-defined networking — where decision-making applications for networks runs on standard servers, not expensive network hardware — to wide-area networks (WANs) that span multiple facilities.

'It's the size of the fight in the dog': Privacy scandals opening up cloud market to Europe's startups

The UpCloud pitch for twitchy US customers is simple: host their data on the company’s Chicago servers but store users' personal information in Finland, where it's protected under Finnish law...

The New Experience - From CRM to CXM

Chains of events are shorter, handoffs are tighter, and communications are determined by customer preferences, are more streamlined and transparent.

Enduring Startup Lessons From Silicon Alley 1.0

Gannett's Maryam Banikarim talks to a group of original media startup pioneers to see which lessons still apply 20 years later. Back in the early '90s, when Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was still in middle school, having an email address set you apart from the crowd and people debated the viability of CD-ROM vs. the Internet, a group of tech pioneers changed the world.Read Full Story

The Collaborative Economy Is Exploding, And Brands That Ignore It Are Out Of Luck

You can share almost anything today, as the collaborative economy movement gains steam. Rides, houses, power tools: You can share almost anything today, and the number of people sharing is growing every day. Still, they associate qualities like sustainability and community with sharing services more than they do with retail stores.

Oracle buys Corente, pushes into networking more

Oracle has acquired Corente, which provides software defined networking applications for networks. The move gives Oracle another piece of its networking puzzle. According to Oracle, the acquisition of Corente will help its customers better deploy cloud applications and provision private networks.