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MicroCorp Adds 8x8 to Portfolio

By using MicroCorp’s channel of more than 1,500 partners, 8x8 says it will expand its market reach across the country.

VOIP, UC market to hit $88bn

"Business VOIP services have moved well beyond early stages to mainstream, strengthened by the growing adoption of SIP trunking and cloud services worldwide," says Diane Myers...

snom 715 Interoperable with Schmooze Systems

snom develops IP desktop business phones and its latest release, the snom 715, will come equipped with Schmooze’s PBXact and FreePBX

ChitrChatr Proposes to Expand Its Global Reach With a Video Presentation Available in 17 ...

ChitrChatr's CUUCP has the potential to be a truly global product, as indicated by the 388% month after month increase in Founding Subscribers as previously announced.

Lower costs and higher quality 'make VoIP a great investment'

Cost is a major incentive to acquire VoIP systems, as it is typically much cheaper to do this than to spend on a landline every month.

Interactive Intelligence lays out its call centre ambitions for 2014

Interactive Intelligence provides unified business communications solutions for call centers, enterprise IP telephony, and business process automation. It is now expecting 2014's total order growth to be 20 per cent or more, up on the company’s better-than-expected 2013 order growth of 30 percent.

The Top 5 Best Business VoIP Providers of 2014, Ranked by

While most cable and Internet providers do offer direct landlines, this service is generally expensive. With the help of the business VoIP providers, users are able to receive exceptional phone service for a fraction of what would be paid with the cable or Internet company.

VoIP Supply Named a Platinum Internet Telephony Service Provider Within the Polycom Choice ...

As a Polycom Platinum Choice Partner, VoIP Supply is strongly committed to Polycom products and the company makes investments to achieve this status to provide the best service for its Polycom customers.

Jeff Kagan: Status Report on Vonage VoIP

VoIP is a large and growing business segment. It is full of large companies and small companies. So if Vonage can continue to build its brand, there is an opportunity. Of course this same opportunity is there for all Vonage competitors as well. There are many, small companies in the same space like RingCentral, 8X8, Jive,, Magic Jack and more.

Hosted VoIP and the distributed work force: made for each other

Smartphones and tablets, and before them laptop computers, have all untethered the worker from his or her desk. Productivity gains have been significant, but there is a downside. The legacy communications technology of organisations, the PABX, is relatively rigid and ill-suited to the needs of a distributed workforce.

The Top 3 Business VoIP Providers for 2014, Announced by

They used several aspects of the providers for their criteria. Additional enhancements, overall cost, customer satisfaction and more were taken into consideration. Here are the top 3 business VoIP providers of 2014 that announced...

Mitel, ShoreTel, snom Offer New VoIP Phones

The UC news highlights continue today with new VoIP phones released separately by Mitel, ShoreTel, and snom—along with an acquisition by Genesys designed to enhance its contact center portfolio.

The Best 3 Business VoIP Providers for 2014, Ranked by

With all of the advances in VoIP technology, switching over to a VoIP provider is a no brainer. Leaving behind the old phone company and switching over can save a company hundreds of dollars a month on bills. Other features include easy organization, many automatic call routing options, easy installation and so much more.

The Best Business Hosted PBX Providers of 2014, Ranked by

Business hosted PBX providers are growing and becoming extremely competitive, as companies are switching over to this new wave of efficiently communicating. The experts at have analyzed customer reviews and satisfaction, network speed and company effectiveness, service-plan features, and cost in order to bring you the best business hosted PBX providers of 2014.

The Best Virtual PBX Phone Systems of 2014

Having a virtual phone system in place in an office takes away from the everyday maintenance and complications of a traditional phone system. The virtual system can push out the old and bring in the new. With easy to use functionality and additional features to enhance productivity, a virtual PBX system is ideal for businesses of any size. It adds a professional element to the user's business and is an economical way to cut telephone bills..

How to keep your VoIP implementation from taking forever | Official Flowroute VoIP Blog

Forever is a long time. And presumably, you’d like your VoIP implementation to be completed sometime before then. In this post, I’ll look at ways you can keep the implementation from encountering roadblocks that cause delays and drain budget.

The Top 3 Best Business VoIP Providers of 2014, According to have determined the top 3 business VoIP providers of the year. After considering customer reviews, plan rates, help services, and quality of providers, the best 3 business VoIP providers stand as: Vonage, RingCentral, and Jive. VoIP, which stands for voice over internet protocol, is a digital phone system that uses a cloud-based communication system as opposed to traditional phone systems that use analog cables for transmitting signals. Thanks to the vastly expanding and easily accessible high speed Internet, VoIP providers can offer inexpensive and reliable services to businesses seeking more efficient modes of communication.

Going Global with SIP and UC

The advent of new communications technologies enables businesses to establish a global presence more easily than ever before. This enables local business numbers to be dialed for employee access, conferencing, and contact center interactions. An alternative for an organization with a smaller global presence is to simply place all of the Lync pools in the U.S. with all of the traffic going through the U.S. For local dialing to local employees in Europe, this creates some additional latency, but it may optimize the vast majority of interactions that are from Europe back to employees in the U.S. One area that has been an issue in this type of strategy is the lack of a local capability for 911/emergency services.

VoIP Supply Now Accepts Bitcoin as Form of Payment

As a company that stays on the leading edge of technology, VoIP Supply is proud to play a role in the growing retail movement to now help transfer something else over the internet; digital currency.

Online Travel Agency Solves Business Communications Challenges with 8x8's Cloud ...

8x8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT), a provider of cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solutions, today announced that, one of the largest cruise sellers in the U.S., has deployed 8x8 Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center services in its corporate headquarters and 60+ remote locations, creating a scalable, secure and reliable unified communications platform with built in disaster recovery for its widely distributed organization. The company serves 80,000 passengers a year and has the most downloaded mobile Cruise Finder app in the U.S. While most customers find the travel agency online, only 20% complete their bookings online; the other 80% call in to speak with an agent. Following a rapid integration of the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center solution with its back-office CRM system through 8x8's out-of-the-box integration framework, can now use incoming call data to differentiate its brands and present the answering cruise travel agent with an appropriate call-handling script.