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Enterprise Content Management Market worth $12.32 Billion by 2019

The report covers all the major sub-segments of the ECM market and provides the quantitative (market size and market growth) and qualitative (trends, analysis, and insights) for those segments.

EFI Puts Advanced Productivity Tools Into the Spotlight at Ipex 2014

This year's participation by EFI(TM) at Ipex concentrates on the company's productivity software with its advanced automatic digital workflow enabling print environments to become more efficient, generate greater cost and time savings, and implement integration to drive their businesses forward.

5 Painless Ways To Make Office Communication Less Frustrating

Technology is supposed to make your life easier, but what happens when the majority of your day is spent doing work about work?. Collaboration tools like Asana allow communication and collaboration without e-mail, and leaders can assign tasks and track progress easily. For example, only email people directly involved in the project, and stop sending CC messages to keep everyone “in the loop.”.

Firms 'choosing browser solutions over Skype'

Less than 10% of companies rely on downloadable solutions like Skype to conduct virtual meetings with colleagues and clients, found video conferencing tool Blue Jeans, based on data from one million clients. The cloud platform, which enables users of different solutions to communicate via any connected device, also surveyed 391 businesses to discover that 90% of users rely on a browser-based service. If an in-person meeting is not an option, more than half of business professionals prefer a video meeting over an audio-only meeting.

Enterprise apps in 2014: What's in store

If recent history is any indication, 2014 will be a busy year for the enterprise applications industry as vendors jockey for position and customers ponder moves from legacy ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) implementations to cloud-based services. Oracle: A big area of investment lately for Oracle has been in “customer experience” software, which spans sales automation, marketing, service and support. McDermott will be the first American to become sole CEO of the German vendor; customers and partners will be watching to see whether McDermott pushes for significant strategy changes as he makes his initial stamp on the job.

Paperless Document Management For Sage 100 ERP (Demo ...

doc-link enables you to archive, process through workflow, retrieve and research document transactions from the desktop. The overall impact of processing, handling and storing paper documents in the workplace is astounding from a financial, environmental and resource perspective. When you are also looking for the ability to capture related invoices, route them for approvals and then store the registers as well as related documents – it’s time to look at doc-link.

5 Myths About CRM Software - Base CRM Blog

Kicking things off with a new CRM means populating the software with all of your existing customer information, training staff to use the new tool and making sure your data is accessible and secure. Instead, a good one will serve up a streamlined user interface, intuitive navigation and mobile-ready screens that display digestible information designed to be viewed on the screen size its opened on. Look for a CRM that offers per user pricing and plan structures that reflect your business needs.

NetSuite for iPhone 2.1, world's first end-to-end ERP iOS 7 app

SAN MATEO, USA: NetSuite Inc. announced the availability of NetSuite for iPhone 2.1, the world's first complete ERP iOS 7 application delivering rich new capabilities for mobile users to conduct business on the go-from an airport, client site, coffee shop, home or anywhere their data plan can reach. Available as a free download from the Apple App Store, NetSuite for iPhone addresses customer demand and the ever-growing need for ERP users to manage business operations that are powered by NetSuite cloud ERP - from financials, CRM, to ecommerce - all via the iPhone app developed by NetSuite. NetSuite for iPhone ushers in a new era of business interactivity, productivity and speed of execution for mobile executives, managers, sales representatives, consultants, field technicians, and other staff with capabilities to impact the business anywhere, anytime, over the highly popular smartphone.

Office 365 bug allows hackers to steal credentials

Anyone hosting a Word document on their webserver can steal Microsoft Office 365 credentials due to a bug in how the cloud service attempts to authenticate users. Office 365 requires users to log in to their account, and, when downloading a document from a SharePoint server, it verifies the credentials of the currently logged-in user by sending an authentication token. "Now, my malicious web server, in possession of your private Office 365 authentication token, can simply go to your organisation's SharePoint Online site, download all of it, modify it, or do whatever it wants, and you will never know about it.

Here's a powerful sales building trio

According to Nucleus Research the combination of customer relationship management, social collaboration and performance management systems can enable sales organisations to boost closure rates by as much as 15 percent. Nucleus says that two main forces are changing the future of sales performance management: the next generation of sales force automation (SFA) applications is driving greater adoption and more entry of data into SFA systems and there is rising awareness of the potential benefits of social performance management, particularly for the millennials entering the work force.

App Overload? Finding the Right Collaboration Solution for Your ...

sing collaboration software and intranet solutions, businesses can access all necessary apps in one place. This makes managing workloads and team collaboration easier and more efficient than when accessing tools dispersed around the Web, on individual machines and throughout the company's network. In many cases, collaboration software and intranet solutions also provide businesses with the flexibility of integrating their preferred apps into the intranet or using them in tandem with the provider's out-of-the-box solutions.

ONDiGO Offers Mobile CRM Solution for Small Businesses

Small businesses in search of a mobile CRM tool have a new option. Contacts are color-coded, with labels such as personal, business, new, and in progress. Within the app, users can view call history, make calls, and send text messages.

Microsoft squares up to Google in the schoolyard with free Office 365 for students deal

Microsoft has officially launched Student Advantage package, which gives students the multi-device Office 365 ProPlus suite for free — if a school's teachers and faculty are paying customers. Office 365 ProPlus normally costs $12 a month per user and offers Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and Lync on five devices per user. The A2 deal includes Office Web Apps, 50GB email storage, web conferencing, 25GB SkyDrive Pro storage, SharePoint Intranet, Active Directory integration, anti-spam and anti-malware.