Topic: Security

Oracle announces next-gen SPARC 7 processor

Oracle announces its next-generation SPARC 7 processor, offering new acceleration and security features, according to John Fowler - VP of Systems.

Data Collection 101: Where Is Your Data Coming From?

Data verbiage is confusing at best, "Big data" is often misused and misleading. Learn what types of data your business should be aware of and what it really means.

Cybersecurity companies are treating you like an idiot. Here’s an alternative

Surfwatch Labs aims to provide small and medium businesses with tools to understand cyber threats and protect against them. His Saas provide big data security solutions.

Secure smartphone Blackphone now available

Blackphone, a secure smartphone that helps keep your conversations private, is now available.

Keep your datacenter secure by staying ahead of the threats

Datacenter security is best served by making sure a major rip and replace upgrade is never required. Hence, the incremental approach might be more efficie

Skyhigh Networks gets investments from and bi VC firms

Skyhigh Networks, a cloud computing security software startup, received funds form VC firms Greylock Partners and Sequoia Capital, as well as

World Cup 2014: Experts warn of security threats

Security Specialists warn the crowds against a potential rise in security attacks. Read more

Apple, Cisco join Microsoft to fight global email warrant

Apple and Cisco join Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their challenge of the warrant served by a US magistrate judge last year. Read more

Mustbin encrypts instant messages, raises $1.5 million

Mustbin, a Boston-based startup that simply and effectively encrypts SMS and instant messages on your iPhone, just went to the bank with $1.5 million.

HackerOne Get $9M In Series A Funding To Build Bug Tracking Bounty Programs

The company helps organizations by providing a platform to share security and bug information with the idea that the more eyeballs you have on a program or service, the more likely you’ll find an issue.

Former spy launches startup aimed at building an ‘immune system’ for networks

At the heart of Darktrace is its Cyber Intelligence Platform (DCIP), a software program that sits inside the network. France calls his security solution, honed by years of understanding and fighting against cyber attacks, an “Enterprise Immune System.”

IoT security under scrutiny as Apple looks at smart home system

The emergence of the IoT could lead to the biggest security threat to the IT landscape, according to Armando Dacal, Australia and New Zealand regional director for enterprise security provider, Palo Alto Networks.

Google & privacy groups withdrew support for neutered NSA bill. The House just passed it

The USA Freedom Act ostensibly ends the government’s bulk collection of phone records; but civil liberty organizations, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, worry that ambiguous new wording would let the NSA sneak in too many loopholes

Finland's 'safe harbour for data' becomes reality with funding for Sweden-free cable

Finland's government is touting the nation as a safe harbour for data after it granted funding for a new cable through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

Onapsis Inc. and Virtustream Establish an Alliance to Enhance Security of Global SAP ...

The Onapsis tool can be used in a “one and done” mode or can be set up to scan, report and remediate continuously. This capability further extends Virtustream’s leadership and capabilities in hosting very secure SAP systems for commercial and Federal agency customers.

Sign on the virtual dotted line: Adobe, HelloSign update e-signature platforms

There are concerns with security and proving a signer's identity and the underlying technology for making it happen continues to improve.

An Introduction to the Legal Implications of Big Data

In this video, Alexander Duisberg from Bird Bird, talks about the most important legal aspects of big data and lists his top tips for businesses wishing to exploit the huge potential of data assets.

Cyber Security: How to Cover Your SaaS

"Due diligence" is all that really separates the men from the boys in the space because if you do not at least ask questions of the SaaS vendors, you will never know their state of security... Read more

Only 39% of Web users changed passwords due to Heartbleed bug

It’s curious, however, to see that Heartbleed — a bug famous for striking mainstream fears — isn’t as widely cared about as techies may believe... Read more

New IBM Services Target Security And Disaster Recovery

That’s the idea behind IBM’s Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR), which will keep virtualized instances of your most critical applications and data in the SoftLayer cloud, regardless of whether your services are run primarily in SoftLayer or in your own data center or private cloud.