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Box Announces new Features at its BoxWorks Customer Conference

Box announced at the BoxWorks Customer Conference this week the release of lots of new features for its full-service content management platform. With these new products, Box aims to remain competitive and move away from traditional content management.

Internet of Things: With so Much Data Comes Great Responsibilities

The Internet of Things Industry is gathering tremendous amount of data, that has to be stored... And there comes a new challenge: how can so much data be stored, secured, access, analyzed - and will the current infrastructure make it?

IBM Earned Leading Position in Gartner's Magic Quadrant

Gartner recognized IBM as a leader in the Data Center Outsourcing and Infrastructure Utility Services industry, and awarded IBM with a prestigious positions in their latest Magic Quadrant.

Nutanix Raises $140M for Its Server-Storage Infrastructure Technology

Nutanix's technology is a huge money-saver for businesses: its server-storage infrastructure helps companies consolidate hardware and software...

The New VMware Public Cloud: New Competition for Amazon, Google and Microsoft

VMware announced a few new features for its public cloud services and is now entering competitive race with Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Among the new features, VMware presented the vCloud Air...

Dropbox Enhances Security Features for Business Customers

Dropbox, leading cloud storage provider, is making its more security features available to its business customers, like the view-only access..

Docker sells its dotCloud cloud platform to focus on its app containers

Docker sells ist dotCloud PaaS to focus on its core buciness: Docker Containers and making a commercial version of it.

Oracle makes its Database 12c available to all

Multitenant and In-Memory options are 2 main features of Database 12c, allowing Oracle to compete with SAP's HANA platform in the segment of in-memory analytics... Oracle Database 12c is now generally available. Read more

Dual-Platform Strategy for the Modern Datacenter

To this end, many forward-looking organizations are revamping IT infrastructure and deploying virtualization solutions and private cloud services to improve business agility and cut expenses.

Oracle announces next-gen SPARC 7 processor

Oracle announces its next-generation SPARC 7 processor, offering new acceleration and security features, according to John Fowler - VP of Systems.

E-SoftSys Releases New Version of e-CRM 4.0

E-SoftSys announces the release of e-CRM 4.0, a new version of their e-CRM application currently used by several multi-facility operators in USA and Canada.

Strong growth for Intel's internet of things and datacenter businesses

Intel shows growth opportunities with the enterprise and internet of things industries and announces strong growth for Internet of Things and data center divisions for 2014Q2.

Box Integrates into Office 365 and Removes Storage Caps For Business Customers

Box announces the integration of its cloud storage solution into Office 365 productivity suite. Also, their Business customers will no longer have a file storage cap.

Secure smartphone Blackphone now available

Blackphone, a secure smartphone that helps keep your conversations private, is now available.

SugarSync revamps app to compete with Dropbox, Google Drive

SugarSync reveals today its redesigned desktop app, an upcoming mobile redesign, and a (limited time) price cut to compete with bigger players in the markets …

Keep your datacenter secure by staying ahead of the threats

Datacenter security is best served by making sure a major rip and replace upgrade is never required. Hence, the incremental approach might be more efficie

Who will build the next generation of physical cloud infrastructure?

IBM, HP, AT&T and other big computer and hardware manufacturers are leaving their traditional markets to reposition themselves as cloud providers. But someone will still have to build servers and computers...

CloudPhysics raises $15M to grow bigger

CloudPhysics is going into data Analytics. The company has developed software for data center servers monitoring and is now focusing on predictive analytics for vitual data centers...

Intel makes Xeon chips more customizable to satisfy cloud providers & telcos

Intel wants to make its products more customizable to address the demand of major cloud and telecommunications service providers...

HP Launches Helion - Managed Cloud Storage for Enterprise

HP announced Wednesday the launch of Helion Managed Services: its new managed cloud storage solution for the enterprise. Read more