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Telepresence robots bring new meaning to the term 'mobile office'

10/12/2015 - The telepresence robot is the next stage of evolution beyond stationary video conferencing, with high growth in healthcare, education and enterprises

5 Must-Have Video Conferencing Tools For Any Business.

Finding good video conferencing tools in any business is a top priority, especially if it has remote teams that are essential to its success. With the advancements in technology of this age, there are currently very many viable options for a business’s video conferencing needs.

Microsoft and Salesforce Strengthen Strategic Partnership at Dreamforce 2015

SAN FRANCISCO - 9/16/2015. Microsoft and Salesforce announced plans to extend their strategic partnership to connect the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to Microsoft Office productivity apps and services...

Lifesize Cloud Upgrades Include Web Conferencing Mode for Content and Voice-Only Meetings

AUSTIN, Texas - 9/16/2015. Lifesize Cloud Web App redefines web conferencing by providing access to Lifesize Cloud’s robust, collaborative environment – including HD video, chat and screen sharing for all – without requiring any software downloads.

Telemedicine: communication and collaboration

Healthcare organisations today are looking for solutions that improve communications and collaboration across the entire healthcare delivery system for better decision-making, project management, efficiency, cost-savings and productivity: video conferencing is there to help.

Video Conferencing Services Market on the Rise, to Achieve 9% CAGR to 2019

Sandler Research has released on new report on the Video Conferencing landscape and market. The complete report discuss trends, opportunity and forecast by segment: on-premise VC, hosted VC, managed VC...

ON24 Adds Proven Marketing Leader to Accelerate Firm's Exploding Growth

San Francisco, 6/29/15 -- ON24, Inc., the world's leading webinar marketing platform for demand generation, lead qualification and customer engagement, today announced the company's new chief marketing officer to sustain its growth acceleration...

Microsoft Surface Hub All-in-One Conferencing System Available in September 2015

Microsoft's interactive touch screen displays for business conference rooms finally has a price and launch date. The Surface Hub will begin shipping in September priced from $6,999 for the 55-inch 1080p version, up to a whopping $19,999 for for the larger 84-inch 4K model, with preorders for both opening next month.

Vidyo facilitates classroom-to-classroom instruction

Thanks to Vidyo' video conferencing platform, students can connect without leaving classrooms. And classroom-to-classroom instruction is just one part of what the school system can do... more

RTI Launches 360-Degree Live-Streaming Camera Systems

Realtime Immersion (RTI) today announced the commercial launch of its patented camera systems and proprietary software that together deliver live, beyond-HD, 360-degree video...

Skype Vs Hangouts - Pros and Cons

Skype (Microsoft) and Hangouts (Google) compete fiercely in the video chat market. Compare the two products side-by-side and find out how they differ....

The Future of Video in the Workplace

Video collaboration has become a strategic business tool, delivering increased collaboration and productivity to distributed teams. Read on to learn what 2015 holds for Video in the workplace...

The Reasons Skype is Still The Best App For Serving Video Call.

Skype is an established and most used app for video chatting and calling and is making its way into the business world. Here are some of the reasons why it is the best app for free video calling...

Skype vs. Viber: Make Free International Calls with Ease

Between these two, it is widely acknowledged that Skype is the more popular application, with Viber being a close runner up. However, it all depends on the service or app that your friends are using, so that you can contact them through the application...

Research report: The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration 2014

The report from found that mobile enterprise collaboration is disproportionately focused on personal productivity and task efficiency, with plenty of room to improve how businesses turn mobile enterprise collaboration into a competitive advantage... Read more

Vidyo Helps Cern Achieve Global, Large-Scale Conferencing Needs

Videoconferencing provider Vidyo was selected by Cern in 2013 to support global, large-scale, conferencing services: Cern used an average of 4.2 million minutes per month between April 2013 and April 2014.

Telecommuting Might Quite Productive, Afterall

Research has shown that remote workers are actually more engaged in helping their colleagues and can be more productive. This helps reassure companies about the benefits of telecommuting.....

Fuze Extends Cloud Video Service to Meeting Rooms

Businesses can now use Fuze for Rooms to bring Video Conferencing to the meeting room using simple off-the-shelf hardware. Fuze is a full collaboration tool that allows sharing dynamic content with multiple participants, as well as add content from Dropbox and Box....

MicroTek Partners with Avaya to Better Deliver Their Training and Meeting Solutions

MicroTek will include The Avaya Scopia video conferencing solutions in their Learning Packages and Meeting Services, for a better delivery and enhanced customer experience. users will benefit from an innovative blend of live classes, virtual learning and digital content....

RingCentral Meetings Earns 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Award

RingCentral announces that its "RingCentral Meetings" solution earned the 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONYTMC Labs Innovation Award for its innovative video conferencing technology available on any device (computers, smartphones, tablets)...