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The Rise of Video Conferencing: 60% Choose VC over Face-to-Face

A survey by RingCentral shows that 60% of interviewed businesses choose prefer video conferencing to in-person meetings. Main drivers are of course costs and time, and businesses think VC to be more sustainable...

Video Conferencing on the Rise, Face-ti-face Meetings the Big Loser

60% of surveyed companies choose video conference calls over in-person meeting. The main reasons for this trend are the time lost travelling to meetings and the associated costs...

ON24, Webcasting for Enterprises, Goes Viral wih This the Marketing Campaign

If you have a hard time driving engagement to your marketing campaigns, watch how ON24, the #1 webcasting provider for enterprises, enthralls viewers and fuels their funnel...

What is Cisco's Spring Roll and Augmented Collaboration and Why is it Important?

Learn about Cisco Spring Roll's most importnat features, such as telepresence systems, videoconferencing room systems, the desktop, mobile video for tablets and smartphones, robotic telepresence, and WebEx.

Avaya Named Top Provider for Enterprise Video Conferencing

Enterprise customers of four different vendors ranked Avaya as the top provider of video conferencing technologies according to industry analyst firm, Nemertes Research...

Lifesize hires Polycom executive Gagan Verma as regional director

Video conferencing solution vendor Lifesize, a division of Logitech, has hired Polycom executive Gagan Verma as regional director for India and SAARC region.

Tely Labs Extends Partner Program to Traget Growing SMB Video Conferencing Market

Tely Labs offers secure, simple and affordable video conferencing systems. It announces today a new partner program to attack the SMB segment and extend its offer to growing businesses.

Cisco VNI Announces Annual Internet Traffic Grow of 20% by 2018

The Cisco survey foresees a change in traffic composition (with most traffic originating from devices other than PC), predicts WiFi traffic will exceed wired traffic and... Read more

Video Meeting Rooms for Everyone?

Learn more form Synergy Sky and Interoute and the video service they provide. Read more

Cloud Hanging Over Moribund Videoconferencing Market

The decline was registered in most segments, including multi-codec immersive telepresence, room-based video systems, video infrastructure equipment . Read more

How We're All Coping In The Mobile Cloud

The ability for individuals to connect and access premium services from what are, ostensibly, consumer devices, has created a quantum change in the level of services individuals expect from corporate IT. Today, the pervasiveness of mobile devices and cloud services mean that you’re more likely to get the cutting edge experience at home.

Can Cisco reinvent its lagging videoconferencing business?

Cisco's new offering, dubbed Collaboration Meeting Rooms, is a tacit acknowledgment that the videoconferencing world is heading into a more software-based reality.

Personify: The Future of Conferencing?

While conferencing has already significantly impacted the enterprise by providing ways to connect outside of traditional face-to-face communication, existing solutions leave plenty of room for improvement. Personify is seizing that opportunity. Read more

Search is over: Slingshot is the way to go for videoconferencing

We accomplish a lot via email, text messaging and shared documents, but sometimes it’s really good to be able to video chat with someone face-to-distant-face. A video call is also often much more effective.

Bank of America Partners with Cisco To Add Video Conferencing to 500 Branches

“This doesn’t replace the specialist in the branch. It’s about where demand isn’t enough for an on-site specialist”...

Lifesize Cloud Raises Quality And Usability Of Enterprise Video-Conferencing

The new user interface is clean and simple, while providing all the functions of a classic enterprise video conferencing system such as finding conference room, groups or specific people.

Lifesize Reinvents Video Collaboration...Again

The perfect blend of software, hardware, service and UX, Lifesize Cloud is the first and only service that provides a connected experience to anyone using smartphones, tablets, laptops and especially conference rooms.

Blue Jeans mocks Cisco’s me-too cloud videoconferencing service with hilarious video

Ramakrishnan started the company to disrupt Cisco's complex and costly video conferencing systems with a web-based model that uses commodity hardware already built into most laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

RingCentral Expands HD Video Meetings™ Across Office Product Line

Meetings™ is one of the first applications to offer mobile-centric, integrated video conferencing for businesses of all sizes.

MicroCorp Adds 8x8 to Portfolio

By using MicroCorp’s channel of more than 1,500 partners, 8x8 says it will expand its market reach across the country.