Topic: Virtualization

Google Adds File Sharing, VPN, Virtualization in Chromebooks for Work; Dell Unveils Chromebook 13

Google today announced several new capabilities for its Chromebooks for Work program, which is meant for big businesses deploying Chromebooks for hundreds or thousands of employees. Google also unveiled the new Dell Chromebook 13 line of laptops running Chrome OS...

5 Game Changers for the Modern Data Warehouse

The technological world is moving fast, and many IT departments are scrambling to keep up with it. At the heart of most IT operations is the data warehouse, and one of the chief responsibilities of managing it is to ensure the data warehouse is kept up to date, ready to handle any new demands that arise...

Internap's OpenStack Public Cloud Beats Amazon Web Services EC2

Cloud SPectator recognizes Internap Corporation's performance. A provider of high-performance Internet infrastructure services, Internap demonstrated significant performance advantages compared to AWS...

Cisco Reinvents its Approach to Data with Tableau

Tableau Software, a global leader in easy-to-use business analytics software, today announced Cisco has deployed Tableau across multiple business divisions in EMEA, in order to drive efficiency and better inform every part of the business...

Cloud Backup Provider IDrive Announces New Backup Protection

IDrive, a leader in cloud back-up, takes security up a notch and helps organizations better protect their virtual environments with the new Hyper-V backup protection solution.

Userful Virtualization Software Rocks the Call Center

Userful Virtualization Software is surely one of the most flexible virtual desktop solution. used in a call center setting, the Userful Multiplatform helps reduce costs, improve performance and quality control...

Dual-Platform Strategy for the Modern Datacenter

To this end, many forward-looking organizations are revamping IT infrastructure and deploying virtualization solutions and private cloud services to improve business agility and cut expenses.

Oracle announces next-gen SPARC 7 processor

Oracle announces its next-generation SPARC 7 processor, offering new acceleration and security features, according to John Fowler - VP of Systems.

VMware expands validated desktop portfolio

VMware has broadened its validated desktop portfolio to include new features that address a range of vertical industries. The virtualization powerhouse plans to leverage the expansion to appeal to workplaces with sensitive IT demands and a growing remote workforce.

Arista Networks Shares Gain 28% As It Raises $226M In IPO

Contrary to Box who its IPO, Arista made its debut today on the NYSE, with an amazing jump of 28%... Read more

Computex 2014: ARM shifts focus to wearables, Internet of Things

ARM's Cortex-A processors can be found in 95% of tablets and smartphones. ARM now unveils its Cortex-M.

You make it, we break it: CERN's particle smashers list their toughest tech challenges

CERN openlab is a partnership between CERN and IT companies including Intel and Oracle to develop new technology for scientific researchers. Read more

IBM just bought Watson a whole closet full of personalities

Cognea, founded in 2005, offered MyCyberTwin virtual agents, which it described as “highly accurate, able to handle complex tasks, always in a good mood, [able to] speak many languages and work day and night.”

Cisco staffs up cloud unit, taps Dimension Data for hybrid delivery

Cisco turns the focus to its burgeoning enterprise cloud department on the second day of its IT expo, Cisco Live, announcing key internal appointments.

Rackspace entertains possible takeover suiters

Rackspace's "board decided to hire Morgan Stanley to evaluate the inbound strategic proposals and to explore other alternatives which could advance Rackspace's long-term strategy.

IBM launches its software defined storage play

According to IBM, Elastic Storage can scan 10 billion files on a system in 43 minutes, pools information via virtualization and can use Flash on servers. Elastic Storage doesn't require central management.

WAN Virtualization and Broadband Bonding for UC and VoIP

WAN virtualization and broadband bonding, for example, combine bandwidth and layers in intelligence and management to enable simpler, higher-performing IP pipes.

IBM Looks To The Cloud To Fight Disruption

Just last year it bought SoftLayer and with a stroke of the pen became a player in Infrastructure as a Service. But the company hasn’t stopped there. It’s developed a portfolio of over 100 SaaS offerings, and just last week it bought Silverpop in an effort to boost its growing hold in marketing tools...

New IBM Services Target Security And Disaster Recovery

That’s the idea behind IBM’s Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR), which will keep virtualized instances of your most critical applications and data in the SoftLayer cloud, regardless of whether your services are run primarily in SoftLayer or in your own data center or private cloud.

Linux KVM Virtualization comes to IBM Power servers soon

Almost a year ago, IBM promised that they would port KVM to its high-end Power architecture. Now, Big Blue is ready to deliver on their promise.