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Updated: April 28, 2015
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Dear Friend,

One of our new year’s resolution is to grow our team and hire across the board, in engineering, sales and marketing. As a tech company based in the Silicon Valley, we’re facing very tough competition and companies are often bidding against each other to get top talent. How to attract and retain the right candidates for our team? We've been mulling over this question for years…. From job boards, to head hunter and recruiting agencies, from employee perks to company-wide games and outings, we’re using every tools and tricks we can!

Today, I’m sharing a few resources that have worked for us.
Best wishes in your business endeavors!


Top 50 Job Boards According to Alexa
Top 50 Job BoardsFinding and hiring Software Engineers has been especially difficult: standing out of the crowd and getting our ad in front of the right audience makes a huge difference. This article lists 50 job boards that will help promote your open jobs (engineering or not) to the right candidates. more...

Hiring Freelancers Makes Sense
32 Sites When Looking for Freelance Jobs and AssistanceWe realized that some of our projects can easily be outsourced: projects that require no specific knowledge of our business or operations, that are short term or less sensitive. A few platforms have worked well for us: overtime, we’ve built the reputation and credibility that enables us to attract high quality freelancers. more...

Do You Really Need These Engineers?
MOOCs: Where Are We Now?Well, you know you do… But if you’re up for it, there are a lot of free (or inexpensive) resources online to help acquire and develop new skills: the so-called MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. This infographics lists the main platforms: more...
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