Unified Communications Provides Lifeline to Doctors in Haiti

Updated: January 07, 2011

Establishing communications& for a group of American doctors who have rushed to Haiti to aid victims of the massive earthquake that shook this region recently, Business Mobility™ Systems, a new breed of Unified Communications service provider, supported by solutions from Ingate® Systems, has swiftly deployed a Unified Communications solution for these medical professionals as a replacement for the country's destroyed traditional telephony infrastructure.

Business Mobility™ Systems is working directly with Dr. Troy Silvernale, a surgeon, and his team from Advantage Health Physician Network, a progressive network of doctors in Michigan. Dr. Silvernale and his colleagues needed a stable communications system set up quickly for their immediate deployment to Haiti. Business Mobility Systems, using Ingate solutions, provided them with an end-to-end Unified Communications solution to enable voice calls over IP (VoIP), texting capability and Internet access.

Dr. Silvernale and his team are using Nokia E-71 smartphones equipped with Business Mobility™ Systems' bMC client, the Hosted Business Mobility™ 1 Service. An Ingate SIParator™ is installed at the edge of the network to provide far-end Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal, which makes it possible for the VoIP calls to "go through" or be completed. The solution enables voice calls, as well as texting and full Internet access.

"With this solution our doctors are able to reach anywhere in the world quickly and easily, to get consults from colleagues, facilitate treatment, order supplies 'on the fly' and also help victims report back to families," said Dr. Silvernale. "The solution from Business Mobility™ Systems and Ingate worked immediately. Within minutes of hitting the ground in Haiti we were up and running with phones and Internet, calling worried families, texting colleagues overseas for more medical supplies, getting consults. Being able to set up so quickly literally saved lives."

The smartphones are also outfitted with a Scosche "SolBAT" solar-powered recharger to allow functionality during power failures, and to give the team greater mobility.

"In very short order we put together a complete solution that worked with the only comunications network that was functioning, the GSM packet network, to establish true voice communications over the Internet," said Art Hale, Chief Technology Officer, Business Mobility™ Systems. "Ingate products are solid. They have the flexibility to get any job done, and were exceptional at handling this kind of complicated, immediate project. Ingate products just work. And they work really well."

"When Art called us with this urgent need, Ingate was proud to jump in with both feet. Business Mobility™ Systems has the knowledge and the capability to pull this kind of end-to-end solution together quickly."

About Business Mobility™ Systems

Business Mobility™ Systems delivers fully integrated mobile Unified Communications solutions for both service providers and enterprise customers, including the FIRST truly hosted business mobility™ solution in the USA. The BMS products extend full PBX functionality including four digit dialing, music on hold, and call transfer to the Smart Phones and drive productivity by fully integrating UC applications (IM, Presence, e-mail, voice, etc.) directly on the Smart Phone. The BMS solution will also enable enterprises to fully leverage their existing IP-PBX infrastructure as well as their WLAN networks to deliver more efficient voice communication, while drastically reducing the cost of mobile communication. The products deliver seamless roaming between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, thus minimizing cellular and international roaming charges, while maximizing the call quality, and providing for continuous availability at the least possible cost. The BMS solution will work with all major softswitch and IP-PBX vendors, as well as every major Smart Phone platform including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. For additional information, please contact BMS at www.businessmobilitysystems.com, or at 1-888-205-1930.

About Ingate® Systems

Ingate® Systems develops firewall technology to enable global SIP-based person-to-person communication such as IP telephony, presence, Instant Messaging, video conferencing, IP-PBX connections and Unified Communications. With a history based in security, Ingate offers enterprises, service providers and carriers elegant solutions that make trusted SIP communications possible beyond the LAN. Among the company's award-winning products are the Ingate Firewall® and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) including the Ingate SIParator® and the Intertex IX78 E-SBC for operator volume SIP trunking deployments. These are widely used to connect service providers' SIP trunks to enterprise IP-PBXs and Unified Communication solutions and to allow remote users outside the LAN. Ingate products are used by retail companies, financial institutions, industrial firms, government agencies and small-to-large enterprises throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

A leading educator on SIP trunking, Ingate hosts the SIP Trunk Seminar Series at the ITEXPO and the Ingate SIP Trunking Community at http://sip-trunking.tmcnet.com. Both bring together industry visionaries to generate awareness for the benefits of SIP, SIP trunks and Unified Communications.

Ingate Systems AB is headquartered in Stockholm. Sweden. Its U.S. headquarters is located in Hollis, New Hampshire. For more information on Ingate Systems, visit www.ingate.com.

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