2020 Wheelhouse Buyer’s Guide to APIs

API stands for Application Programming Interfaces, which is a technology that allows different systems to communicate, pass data, and programmatically “talk” to one another.

There are several different types of APIs, and even more use cases for this functionality across all types of business activities. APIs can be used to:

• Pass data

• Facilitate communications

• Add new features and tools to your busines

• Securely create user accounts

• Improve customer engagement

• And much more

But how do you know which APIs make the most sense for your business, and when and where should you implement them to improve your operations, enhance customer experience, or boost your existing systems with added features or security options?

This guide will provide insight into the main types of APIs your business should consider and provide tips for selecting the right APIs to streamline your business, increase efficiencies, and improve customer experience.

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