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Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategies

Published January 16, 2014
Let’s look at some of the common characteristics of institution-wide mobility strategies, as found in the Market Pulse survey, presented in the white paper brought to you by CIO and SAP.

2013 Big Data Opportunities Survey

Published January 16, 2014
This survey, fielded in April 2013, revealed a range of practical approaches that organizations of all types and sizes are adopting to manage and capitalize on the big data flowing through their enterprises.

Analytic Databases for Big Data

Published January 16, 2014
This TDWI Checklist Report presents requirements for analytic DBMSs with a focus on their use with big data. Along the way, the report also defines the many techniques and tool types involved. The requirements checklist and definitions can assist users who are currently evaluating analytic databases and/or developing strategies for big data analytics.

Big Data Gets Personal

Published January 16, 2014
This collection of business reports brought to you by SAP and MIT Technology Review gives case studies, special focus articles, and leader profiles on everything you ever wanted to know about big data.

Blending Transactions and Analytics in a Single In-Memory Platform

Published January 16, 2014
This white paper discusses the issues involved in the traditional practice of deploying transactional and analytic applications on separate platforms using separate databases. It analyzes the results from a user survey, conducted on SAP's behalf by IDC, that explores these issues.

How to Customize Your BI Solution

Published January 10, 2014
When does a personalized business intelligence solution make sense? This white paper discusses how a customized BI solution can offer your business more accurate insights and will be better equipped to intuit your business’s needs.

BI in 2014

Published December 26, 2013
2014 holds many advances for BI in familiar areas, but the extent to which BI will advance remains to be seen. Our new white paper forecasts BI in 2014, providing you with real expectations for new solutions in the new year.

Big Data for Growing Businesses

Published October 31, 2013
Your growing business could be missing out on some valuable benefits of BI and the investigation of Big Data. Dig into how and your growing business could benefit from BI and Big Data manipulation with our newest guide.

Get Real Value from Business Intelligence

Published July 15, 2013
In our latest white paper, our Compare Business Products BI expert details four steps -- from undertaking your first BI project to solidifying the solution's worth at your company -- that will take full advantage of your solution's tools and features, including:

Selling Management on a New Business Intelligence Solution

Published February 22, 2013
Improved decision making is just a new Business Intelligence solution away. But can you effectively justify the investment to management? Our guide is here to help.

Executive BI Trends You Can't Afford to Miss

Published August 27, 2012
Join Forrester's Boris Evelson and Domo's Chris Wintermeyer in this complimentary on-demand webinar as they discuss exciting BI trends that are turning the industry on its head.

Why CEOs Need to Be Social

Published August 27, 2012
The world is getting more social, but CEOs aren't keeping pace. Watch this engaging complimentary webinar to learn 1) why social media makes real business sense for CEOs, and 2) how to implement an effective social strategy within your organization.

5 Moneyball Metrics Sales Executives Can't Ignore

Published August 13, 2012
Moneyball concepts apply to more than baseball. Look past the conventional wisdom and use these 5 metrics that every sales exec should watch. Download this FREE white paper from Domo to learn more.

Economist Intelligence Unit: Leveling the playing field

Published August 10, 2012
How are companies using information to beat their rivals and create a more level playing field? This paper examines how their practices are evolving and offers examples of data use at some highly successful companies.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

Published August 10, 2012
The data quality tools market continues to experience both substantial growth and volatility as seen in this free Gartner report

The Top 10 Business Intelligence (BI) Vendors

Published May 24, 2012
Compare the top 10 business intelligence vendors and learn more about Query, Reporting, and Analysis versus Advanced Analytics BI applications.

The Integrated Information Management Infrastructure

Published May 14, 2012
This paper explores the relative value of making technology decisions that support and maintain infrastructure-wide interoperability with regard to your data management solutions. Organizations that address data management with middleware solutions that work seamlessly with existing applications in the IT environment stand to benefit significantly.

Become a More Demand-Driven Organization

Published May 08, 2012
3 Best Practices to Improve Planning and Collaboration Across Your Supply Network

DELETED - Economist Intelligence Unit: Leveling the playing field

Published April 25, 2012
How are companies using information to beat their rivals and create a more level playing field? This paper examines how their practices are evolving and offers examples of data use at some highly successful companies.

Spend Performance Management

Published April 09, 2012
Reduce cost, manage supply continuity, and increase the amount of spend under management by leveraging optional data enrichment and classification services from SAP

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