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Contact Center Prizefight: ShoreTel vs. Avaya

Published November 06, 2015
Avaya or ShoreTel? Decide which of these is the right option for your business by reading our Contact Center prizefight infographic!

Choosing the Right Help Desk Software

Published October 22, 2015
Help Desk software is an important tool for modern business. Learn how to select this important product by reading our informative whitepaper.

Building a Customer Experience Driven Contact Center

Published October 02, 2015
In the current age of instant communication and social media, the customer is king. Learn how to better meet their needs with a Customer Experience focused Contact Center.

Contact Centers on a Budget

Published September 18, 2015
How is your business handling costs in the competitive market place? Discover how to boost both cost saving and profits at your contact center!

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution in 2016

Published September 10, 2015
In this report, Ovum reviews the leading cloud contact center solutions, with emphasis on their ability to handle multichannel customer interactions and connect data through analytics. It compares solutions based on their technology platforms, their customers, and their impact in the marketplace.

Contact Center Implementation 101

Published August 20, 2015
Break down your preconceptions and discover how to gear your contact center for maximum productivity and profitability. Learn how your business can use new techniques and technologies to minimize risk boost value!

eBook: 10 Considerations in Moving to the Cloud

Published August 13, 2015
Is the Cloud Right for Your Contact Center? What should you think about before deploying a cloud contact center? Avoid the guesswork with this detailed eBook.

Five Ways to Optimize Customer Journeys Using a Cloud Contact Center

Published August 13, 2015
Adapting to consumer expectations is a must for competitive businesses. Learn how to boost costumer satisfaction with a cloud contact center, by optimizing customer journeys and leveraging the speed and scalability of the Cloud in the process.

Contact Centers vs. Call Centers

Published August 13, 2015
This free white paper details the common differences between the contact center and call center solutions, helping you decide which solution will be better for your company.

Supporting Customer Journeys and Your Business with a Cloud Contact Center

Published August 13, 2015
How can a cloud contact center improve your customer experience and overall profitability? Read this comprehensive eBook to find out how a cloud-based contact center can support your customer journeys and business goals!

eBook: The Virtual Contact Center

Published August 13, 2015
Experience the versatility and power of a Virtual Contact Center. Discover everything you need to know about this exciting technology today!

Your Definitive IVR Playbook

Published August 11, 2015
Do you want to develop a cutting-edge IVR platform capable of delivering the optimal customer experience? If so, explore this Definitive IVR Playbook: your guide to choosing, designing, developing, and delivering your IVR platform!

Empower Your Contact Center Agents to Deliver a Great Customer Experience with an Omnichannel Desktop

Published August 11, 2015
Ease the stress of your essential contact center agents! Equip them with a omnichannel desktop designed to engage the modern consumer.

Frost & Sullivan: From Old School to Next-Gen IVR

Published August 11, 2015
The effective use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology can help your business. Discover how IVR has transformed into a vital aspect of customer engagement.

The Future of Contact Centers

Published August 06, 2015
The future of contact centers begins here! Dive into this thorough examination of the latest software and techniques designed to increase efficiency and revenue.

Frost & Sullivan: Mobile Engagement Delivers Great Customer Experiences

Published August 01, 2015
Learn the importance of mobile engagement! This Frost & Sullivan brief explores essential mobile messaging strategies that focus on engaging the customer at key moments in the customer journey.

Using Proactive, Real-Time Interactive Notifications to Fight Fraud and Increase Customer Loyalty

Published July 14, 2015
Preventing consumer fraud and identity theft is an increasingly important task for businesses. Learn how you can use multi-channel communications to minimize the costs of fraud while also increasing customer loyalty.

A Quick Peek at How Salesforce Does Customer Service

Published April 01, 2015
Service Cloud can help you connect with customers in entirely new ways to transform your customer experience. See how the #1 customer service application works in this informative overview.

How Salesforce Delivers Exceptional Service Using Service Cloud

Published April 01, 2015
Service Cloud can help you connect with customers in entirely new ways to transform your customer experience. See how the #1 customer service application works in this informative overview.

6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service

Published April 01, 2015
Imagine the loyalty and return business you could build by delivering customer service that exceeds customer expectations every time. In this free e-book, see what you need to do to give customers what they want.

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