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CRM Face-Off: Netsuite vs. Microsoft

Published August 08, 2014
Microsoft and Netsuite face off in this new CRM infographic: but when compared 1-on-1, who gets the title? Our new infographic will allow you to compare these two CRM rivals and help you decide which solution better suits your company.

CRM-Marketing Automation: 10 Steps to a Fruitful Alliance

Published July 23, 2014
Marketing automation is one of the most important areas of CRM growth. Buying a new CRM solution, or updating your current system might be the perfect opportunity to combine it with a marketing automation software. Our comprehensive infographic is here to help and guides you through 10 important steps to ensure a seamless integration of both systems.

The CRM System Checklist

Published June 24, 2014
Many companies look at CRM to improve their operational effectiveness. While this is important, CRM offers many other opportunities for added value. Read this paper to learn how CRM can be a source of long-term competitive advantage: our CRM System Checklist uncovers strategic features that will help position your business to achieve sustainable value.

Social CRM: Perception vs. Reality

Published June 17, 2014
What is Social CRM? And how does it work? Our guide dives into Social CRM principles, tools and technologies and gives you a few examples of Social CRM platforms that could bring big benefits to your business.

Secrets to Business Growth

Published June 03, 2014
Small businesses have generated 65% of the net new jobs in the US since 1995, and as such, define and drive the economy. Small businesses, however, constantly face the stressful question of how to maintain and grow their business. Read on to learn from the experience of 3 successful small business leaders: find out what helped them perform to their maximum potential and sustain impressive growth.

How to Set Up an Effective CRM System

Published June 02, 2014
Everybody agrees on the tremendous benefits a CRM solution can bring to a business, but choosing and setting up a CRM requires serious up-front thinking and planning. Our new infographic, How to Set Up an Effective CRM System, covers the most important questions every organization should ask themselves.

10 Steps to a Successful CRM - Marketing Automation Integration

Published May 20, 2014
Looking into a new CRM solution and considering a marketing automation software? This white paper addresses 10 critical questions to ensure a seamless CRM - marketing automation integration that increases operational efficiency and grows revenue faster.

Spotlight: Sage CRM

Published May 14, 2014
Sage CRM allows businesses to automate customer service, marketing, and sales in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Learn how this user-friendly and intuitive solution allows users of all technical backgrounds to access a highly efficient CRM tool and achieve higher ROI.

CRM-ERP Integration

Published May 05, 2014
It is possible. CRM and ERP systems can work together in harmony… and drive serious results. Learn how to achieve a successful CRM-ERP integration and boost your productivity!

G2 Crowd CRM Grid

Published May 01, 2014
See the CRM Leaders and the Laggards - Get the 2014 G2 Crowd CRM Grid that rates CRM products based data and user reviews! Listen to the voice of real business and IT users!

Top 10 Features Small and Medium Businesses Need in a CRM Solution

Published April 30, 2014
Evaluating a new CRM or looking for a guide to show what features are available as you grow? Download now to learn what main CRM features can take your organization to the next level.

A Quick Peek at the Salesforce App

Published April 23, 2014
Download this Salesforce App ebook now and get a taste of the world's #1 sales, service, and marketing app. Get it now!

Product Spotlight: Salesforce CRM

Published April 15, 2014
Salesforce is obviously one of the CRM leaders… but does that mean your business should use it? Our new guide Spotlight: Salesforce CRM helps answer that question with all the key data points you need.

10 Dreamforce Announcements That Will Shape Sales in 2015

Published April 06, 2014
With new features, new mobile apps and a seamless user experience, Sales Cloud 1 is the sales platform you know and love, reimagined for the sales teams of today. This e-book highlights the 10 major announcements made around Sales Cloud and how they will enable the sales team of the future.

5 Secrets: Build Your Sales Pipeline and Keep it Growing

Published April 01, 2014
Find out how to make a major shift in your sales approach for the better in order to both increase individual sales rep effectiveness and improve collaborative team selling. Download this Salesforce white paper now.

5 Steps to Better Sales Performance

Published April 01, 2014
In this white paper, Salesforce reveals the proven methods the best sales managers rely on to close the sales performance gap between average performers and All-Stars.

7 Tips to Accelerate Your Sales Performance

Published April 01, 2014
Picking up the phone is not only one of the best ways to connect with customers, it’s one of the best prospecting tools you can have in your arsenal. This eBook from Salesforce will give you pointers as to how to successfully begin a call, engage a potential lead, and where to go from there.

5 Ways to Improve Outbound Sales

Published April 01, 2014
Forget the numbers game and learn how to find success by relying on quality interactions. This Salesforce eBook gives you 5 ways to improve outbound sales performance and ultimately increase your sales pipeline.

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Sales Force Automation

Published April 01, 2014
This Magic Quadrant for SFA, specifically for B2B sales professionals, has new entrants and reflects new market dynamics. Mobility via smartphones and tablets is on the rise, and social is becoming more important, while sales performance management plays a major role in Gartner evaluation criteria.

The New Measures of Sales Success from The Build Network

Published April 01, 2014
Learn specific practices from sales experts to maximize effectiveness from sales teams and business growth. Download this white paper now!

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