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Has Your Business Outgrown Your Business Management Software?

Published September 14, 2016
Does your current software give your retail business the visibility and flexibility you need to be responsive and competitive? Or has your business outgrown your business management system?

Build a Business Stronghold to Protect Your Data, Inventory, and Profits

Published September 14, 2016
The retail landscape is changing, particularly in the area of security and loss prevention. With mega-breaches at Target (40 million stolen debit and credit cards), Home Depot (56 million unique cards), and eBay (145 million people affected), security has become a topic that cannot be ignored.

15 ERP Selection and Implementation Mistakes

Published August 30, 2016
Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems are now a must-have for business operations. When successfully implemented, ERP systems improve productivity, efficiency, and better integrate different ends of the business, from production to sales. Yet because the software is so complex—and expensive—implementation can be difficult.

How to Select the Right ERP in 7 Steps

Published July 11, 2016
Perhaps more than any other business software solution, there is a huge degree of variability within the ERP category. Much like a child’s bicycle and a Ferrari are both transportation vehicles, the umbrella of ERP software is a wide one, with tens of thousands of options available on the market.

2016 Enterprise Resource Planning Buyer's Guide

Published April 18, 2016
Modernize the way you do business with ERP software. Learn the benefits of inbuilt analytics, social ERP, and moving to the Cloud with our detailed Buyer's Guide.

Sage X3: Unleashing the Chemical Industry

Published February 25, 2016
Sage X3 is a next-generation enterprise business management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of chemical manufacturers.

Enterprise ERP Vendors Comparison Chart

Published February 10, 2016
Our new 2016 Enterprise ERP Comparison Chart gives you up-to-date feature and pricing data on the top enterprise-class ERP solutions.

Control the Costs of Your ERP Implementation

Published November 24, 2015
Want a to the point, informative lesson on ERP implementation costs? Then our new inforgraphic is right for you!

Hidden Costs of ERP Implementation

Published October 09, 2015
Make sure your ERP implementation doesn't blow past your schedule and budget. Read our new whitepaper to discover the hidden costs of an ERP deployment.

5 Tips for Food and Beverage Supply Chain

Published October 08, 2015
In this white paper, we will examine five tips that could help your organization streamline supply chain, maintain compliance with food safety guidelines and improve productivity, all while cutting costs with the right ERP software.

Addressing HACCP Issues within the Food and Beverage Industry Using ERP Software

Published October 08, 2015
Learn how an effective ERP solution will make the process of managing HACCP much more manageable by providing the information gathering, tracking and reporting functionality needed to ensure that all facets of compliance are addressed throughout the operation.

Software Selection for Enterprise Resource Planning

Published October 08, 2015
In our digital, data-driven, constantly accelerating modern business environment, the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is one of the principal tools companies use to manage and leverage change to maintain or improve competitive standing. This paper addresses how companies can best approach the selection of ERP systems.

Selecting EAM Software for Enterprise Agility

Published October 08, 2015
Enterprise asset management (EAM) software is a requirement for any business that relies on complex, expensive and mission-critical capital equipment. See how EAM software gives you the agility to manage your asset portfolio over the long lifecycle and enable you to profit from change rather than be negatively impacted by it.

5 Tips for Enterprise Asset Management Software ROI

Published October 08, 2015
This paper, IFS gives you 5 tips should help you take advantage of the cost savings and revenue enhancement features Enterprise Asset Management has to offer while avoiding the pitfalls associated with an overly complex or problematic implementation.

10 Ways to Use ERP to Lean the Manufacturing Supply Chain

Published October 07, 2015
Within any manufacturing environment, there are a few relatively simple steps that will help any enterprise lean their supply chain—simple steps that any company can take.

IFS Applications for Automotive

Published October 07, 2015
IFS Applications for automotive industries contains solutions for automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers to ensure that product and logistic quality remains paramount.

Simplifying Manufacturing

Published October 05, 2015
With the right ERP solution, organizations can attain greater responsiveness, adapt more quickly to new requirements and respond quickly to new disruptive forces, opportunities and threats.

ERP Spotlight: 17 Modules That Move the Needle

Published September 25, 2015
Read our cataloging of all major ERP modules and their respective features. Learn which ones you want for your business!

Explore Your ERP Deployment Options

Published September 08, 2015
Discover the important ins and outs of ERP Deployment today: what are your options and how can you save your company time, energy and money?

Developing a Successful Mobile ERP Strategy

Published July 24, 2015
Welcome to the future of Enterprise Resource Planning. Gain valuable knowledge about how to develop your mobile ERP strategy today.

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