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10 Critical Questions Manufacturers Should Ask Before Choosing Cloud ERP

Published June 26, 2015
With cloud computing revolutionizing how businesses operate, there is a great deal of pressure on companies to purchase or upgrade their systems to a cloud-based ERP solution. In this paper, Epicor lists the 10 questions Manufacturers should ask about Cloud ERP.

Understanding ERP Deployment Choices

Published June 26, 2015
The rapid evolution of global business has changed the way companies are approaching the deployment of ERP. Today’s need for agility and responsiveness has increased the demand for deployment choices. Cloud-based, operational, peer, hybrid, Epicor details your options and choices.

Are You Asking the Right Questions When Selecting an ERP System?

Published June 26, 2015
Recent Aberdeen research on ERP selection uncovered the top criteria used by Best-in-Class organizations when choosing an ERP solution. Don't get lost in the details and learn form top Manufacturers how to choose the solution with right functionality, features and usability for you business.

Social ERP: Improve Collaboration and Drive Business Growth

Published March 18, 2015
Collaboration is an essential element of successful businesses. Yet according to an Aberdeen ERP Benchmark survey, many businesses struggle to support true collaboration across their organizations. Learn how social ERP can make collaboration easier and more fun for employees and boost business results.

What the World Wants in a Next-Generation ERP

Published March 18, 2015
What does the world want in the next-generation ERP? Here are results of a recent global ERP survey that Epicor conducted to better understand these worldwide demands. Where does YOUR organization fit among these results?

Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP

Published March 18, 2015
This report identifies the challenges that face the modern manufacturing environment and illustrates how Leading manufacturers make ERP a foundation for efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.

Myth Buster: "ERP Is Just for Big Companies"

Published March 02, 2015
In recent years, a growing number of mid- and even small-sized companies have embarked on an ERP journey, and have reaped great benefits by moving to an ERP platform. If you're still not decided, read to learn why ERP is not just for big companies!

SMB ERP Vendor Comparison Chart

Published February 16, 2015
Growing businesses can get big-business benefits from an ERP system. This new comparison chart reviews the top 10 midmarket and SMB level ERP software providers.

Top 8 Trends for ERP in 2015

Published December 16, 2014
What will 2015 bring for ERP? Our newest white paper will address this question as well as describe the continued ERP developments in cloud, mobile, social and BI. Most importantly, our expert addresses the new areas in which ERP will gain momentum in 2015.

The Top Ten ERP Vendors

Published October 09, 2014
Our new guide, The Top 10 ERP Vendors, reviews the latest trends in the Enterprise Resource Planning market, the top solutions and most importantly, how to choose one for your business. We take into account the complexity of the ERP decision and equip you with a clear plan and tools to choose wisely.

Infographic: The Anatomy of ERP Implementation

Published September 26, 2014
Our infographic, “The Anatomy of ERP Implementation”, details the 10 essential steps every business must take from the early stages of choosing an ERP solution all to the through to implementation and going live.

ERP Prizefight: SAP vs. Oracle

Published August 26, 2014
How do SAP and Oracle compare in the ERP space? This detailed infographic compares the two giants side-by-side and gives you actionable insights to choose the right solution.

ERP-BI Integration

Published July 09, 2014
With an ERP system in place, most managers have access to accurate and timely data, collected across the company’s various units. The next vital step is to consolidate all the available data to get deeper insights into the business and identify trends to enable fact-based decision making, with the help of BI tools. Read this article to ensure your ERP-BI integration is a successful one!

The ROI of ERP

Published June 25, 2014
Before embarking on any ERP strategy, CXOs will ask about Return on Investment (ROI). Get ready for these questions: read this paper that analyses factors which need to be considered to ensure a positive ROI and provides recommendations for a successful outcome.

10 Questions to Ask Your Shortlisted ERP Vendors

Published June 12, 2014
ERP is on the rise and the market offers a myriad of solutions and vendors. Choosing the right system is a long a difficult process. Read our guide to make sure you ask the right questions to your shortlisted ERP vendors, get the right answers and purchase the right solution for your business.

Three Key Areas to Reduce Costs with Lean Techniques

Published May 13, 2014
Examine a case study that illustrates three areas where the application of lean techniques to existing business processes would yield immediate benefits: Purchasing and Suppliers, Sales Orders, and Shipping.

Spotlight: NetSuite ERP

Published May 13, 2014
It is often assumed that ERP solutions are a big company's privilege. NetSuite ERP solutions are tailored for small to midsize businesses and divisions of large enterprises. See how this comprehensive and flexible solution can benefit your organization.

How To Choose Between Generic and Industry-Specific ERP Systems

Published May 12, 2014
Is a generic ERP best for you? Or should you choose an industry-specific solution that might address more intricate questions? This article from Epicor suggest ways to simplify your ERP selection process and make an informed buying decision.

How Modern ERP Can Support Greater Customer Experience

Published May 08, 2014
This survey from IDC Manufacturing Insights proves it. 460 enterprises, across multiple sectors and 13 countries, have spoken: Modern ERP can support a greater customer experience.

Spotlight: SAP ERP

Published May 06, 2014
Is SAP's ERP solution right for you? Our new Spotlight walks you through the history of SAP’s ERP solution, big benefits… as well as big considerations you must address before moving forward.

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