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[Infographic] 15 Questions to Ask When Selecting a VoIP Provider

Published November 29, 2016
Deciding which phone system is right for your business can be difficult. With our VoIP technology blueprint, discover the top 15 questions you should ask VoIP vendors before you make a buying decision.

4 Things to Consider When Considering a Cloud Fax Model

Published November 06, 2016
Discover how a cloud fax solution that not only securely receives, signs, stores and sends faxes conveniently via e-mail, but improves your unified communications.

How to Select a Phone System in 10 Steps

Published October 28, 2016
The success of your company depends on many constantly changing factors that drive you to innovate, create, and evolve to remain competitive and profitable in your industry.

The New SMB Phone Systems Comparison Guide

Published October 24, 2016
Does your small or medium-size business need a new phone system? Then you're in luck! Our new, updated comparison guide helps you cut through superfluous information and narrow down your list of solution providers. Get the latest data on phone system features, pricing, and performance metrics in an easy-to-use format.

How UC Can Help Your Business Survive the Holidays

Published October 20, 2016
The holiday season is filled with frenzy and excitement for businesses and consumers alike. Consumers prepare gift lists, compare brands and prices, and begin shopping with a vigor that is not present most other times of the year. For many businesses, the holiday season accounts for a large profit bump at the end of each year, and companies strive to exceed their goals and keep customers happy during this rush late in the year.

[Infographic] Switching Phone Systems

Published October 19, 2016
There are a lot of possible reasons you might want to switch to a new phone system. The old one might cost too much or be too troublesome to operate and maintain. It might not be flexible enough. It might not be reliable enough. Or it just might not have the kinds of features and capabilities that you need in today’s competitive business climate.

Business VoIP on a Budget

Published October 05, 2016
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems represent the next innovation of telephone connection and communication by making it possible to conduct calls over a broadband internet connection, rather than an analog phone line.

[Infographic] The Advantages of Unified Communications

Published September 26, 2016
Did you know that according to 8x8, the tangible ROI of a unified communications solution for a 10,000-person enterprise is approximately $15.5 million? This isn't the only way unified communications can improve your business.

The New 2016 Phone Systems Comparison Chart

Published September 12, 2016
Check out our latest Q4 Phone Systems Comparison Chart complete with new vendors, products, and features! Our free chart compares over 40 business phone solution providers, including PBX and business VoIP systems, on over 20 performance metrics.

The Ultimate Phone System Buyer’s Checklist

Published July 03, 2016
Our phone system buyer's checklist reviews all the important questions to ask when selecting a business phone system. Download the list and make sure you check all the boxes before you choose a vendor!

Top 15 Questions to Ask When Selecting a VoIP Provider

Published June 09, 2016
With so many financial and functional advantages offered by VoIP technology, making the transition is increasingly mandatory. Selecting VoIP services for business is one of the most critical—and difficult—IT decisions that your company will face. Clarify your business needs and simplify the decision-making process with these top 15 questions.

The Advantages of Unified Communications

Published June 03, 2016
How can you get the most out of a Unified Communications solution? Let us keep you one step ahead of the game, giving you the knowledge it takes to make an informed UC purchasing decision!

Choosing the Right IP Phone for Your VoIP

Published May 11, 2016
Choosing the right phone system for your business is just half the battle – you also need to be sure you pick the correct hardware to go along with it.

How a Cloud Phone Impacts Your Business

Published March 09, 2016
The future of work involves unifying communications through a single vendor in the cloud. This eBook from Dialpad explores how having a business phone system in the cloud can help your business.

2016 CIO Playbook: BusinessTelephony

Published March 07, 2016
The field of business telephony is constantly evolving: this Compare Business Product study discusses the latest 2016 tools and innovations in the industry, and highlights opportunities to improve employees’ ability to communicate and collaborate.

Business Phone System Buyer's Guide

Published February 26, 2016
Selecting the right business phone system for your company requires much technology research, brand evaluations and local vendor information. Learn the difference between business phone systems like PBX vs Business VoIP systems. Save tens of hours researching the matter with our free guide.

Phone System Buying Disasters to Avoid

Published February 22, 2016
This whitepaper gets advice from phone system managers who were forefront in remedying phone system disasters, and compiles their experience and learning into 10 must-know lessons.

How to Buy a Business Phone Solution for the Distributed Workforce

Published January 18, 2016
Remote workers are the mainstay of the geographically dispersed modern workforce. Discover the systems and knowledge necessary to make them as productive as possible!

Business VoIP Prizefight: Jive vs. Vonage

Published January 15, 2016
In this infographic, you will find what really matters when selecting a phone solution and will get a clear and actionable comparison of two business communications giants: Jive and Vonage.

What to Do with Your Legacy PBX

Published January 13, 2016
Should you retain your existing PBX, modify it, or replace it altogether with a software-based solution? That’s the question many enterprises face today, and the makeup of their voice system must be considered when reviewing long-term plans for their organization’s IT strategy.

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