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Phone Systems Comparison Guide for the Enterprise

Published January 04, 2016
01/04/16 - Choosing the right phone system for your business is difficult. Let us simplify the selection process with our comprehensive comparison chart, that compares the top enterprise business phone system manufacturers across 20 performance metrics.

Top Trends for VoIP and Business Telephony in 2016

Published October 30, 2015
Want to be ready for the New Year? Then read about the hottest trends coming to the VoIP marketplace in 2016!

Must-Have VoIP Features for C-Level Executives

Published September 10, 2015
Discover what VoIP features are ideal for a company's important decision makers! Make their important work a little easier today!

Maintaining a Remote Workforce

Published September 02, 2015
To keep pace with a changing workforce, businesses need the right tools to reform their systems and management. Discover how with this informative infographic.

The Phone System Features Checklist

Published September 01, 2015
The rapidity with which business phone systems evolve means that new features are being introduced regularly. Is your system up-to-date on all the latest features? Our comprehensive checklist will offer you the most recent list of phone system features, helping you choose which features will further streamline your business.

Choosing the Right IP Phone For Your Business

Published August 28, 2015
IP Phones are an important piece of equipment for any modern business. Learn how to choose the system that's right for you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Phone System

Published August 06, 2015
Choose the perfect business phone system for your company. Determine which phone systems are right for your strategies and goals.

Demystifying VoIP

Published July 14, 2015
Gain an understanding of VoIP, the technology revolutionizing business communications. Discover how these systems offer greater value and richness to communications while enabling better business continuity.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Phone System

Published July 07, 2015
Don't make these common errors when buying your business' new phone system. It should be easy to pick the right product for you. If you want to acquire a communication product that can truly improve the future prospects of your company, then read this informative paper detailing what pitfalls should be avoided when considering a new phone system.

10 Questions about the Future of VoIP

Published June 17, 2015
VoIP is revolutionizing the business communication landscape. Get an inside look at the future of this exciting technology.

Unified Communication vs Video Conferencing

Published June 15, 2015
Communication has and always will be the backbone of an enterprise. Over the past few years, the market place has changed, new and more aggressive ways of conducting business have emerged and ‘communication’ has taken on a whole new meaning for businesses...

Lync + Polycom Voice Solutions = High ROI

Published May 12, 2015
Learn how one organization with 24,000 Polycom voice devices and Lync Enterprise Voice achieved a 98% risk-adjusted ROI and a payback period of 21 months.

VoIP: Develop Your BYOD Security Strategy

Published March 26, 2015
The essence of BYOD is employee mobility, and this implies that employees will be moving in and out of the corporate firewall. Is the Data saved on their device really secure? Legally, companies are responsible for the data they hold. It's time to develop an efficient BYOD Security Strategy!

Is the Cloud Safe Enough for Business Communications?

Published March 06, 2015
CXOs have many valid concerns regarding hosted phone and communications platform: learn about the main security considerations that professionals need to consider when evaluating the risks of cloud phone systems, and how to deal with them.

Crystal Clear Conversations for Your Business

Published March 01, 2015
In the current economic climate, businesses look for communications solutions that help them manage their costs more efficiently and boost productivity. Read on to learn how conference phones with advanced technology help time-constrained, resource-strapped businesses work smarter and gain a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio.

Why the Desktop Phone Isn’t Going Away

Published March 01, 2015
This insightful report shows how major leaps in technology allow business phones to serve a rapidly growing range of needs. The desk phone does enormously more than it did in the past, and it remains a keystone for effective business operations. Learn more

Why VoIP? Why Now?

Published February 05, 2015
VoIP use has grown exponentially in recent years and is expected to grow even faster. With 4G cellular phone technologies, the use of smartphones for VoIP will fuel this growth even further. This paper explains why now is the right time to choose VoIP.

Top Undervalued 2015 VoIP Innovations

Published January 14, 2015
Our new white paper invites you to explore new and relevant opportunities with a list of the most undervalued phone system features capable of revolutionizing the way you interact with your employees and buyers.

The Six Hidden Costs of VoIP

Published December 30, 2014
VoIP's savings and return on investment (ROI) appear very lucrative. However, any experienced player will be able to confirm that there are many hidden costs that most users may not come to know till late in the rollout. Don't learn the hard way: read this infographic!

Business Phone Systems Prizefight: 8x8 vs. Avaya

Published December 27, 2014
Avaya and 8x8: when these two titans battle, who wins? Our new infographic evaluates two of their comparable solutions 1-for-1 with no holds barred so that you can make the best phone systems decision between these two top providers.

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