The Top Storage Management Vendors

By Dani Magestro
Updated: May 09, 2012

The Top Storage Management Vendors

Storage Management is quickly becoming one of the key components of any technology related strategic plan. Without Storage Management you run the risk of having no data, or data that you can’t find or use, and without data, you have no business. This is where Storage Management comes in. It’s a safeguard and a tool that can solve the problems associated with having data housed in one location and also simultaneously making it more secure but also more accessible for your business. What exactly is Storage Management? Storage Management is essentially the method and process used to store electronic data. In an enterprise environment this data can be huge and the need to manage it throughout its useful life is a necessity. It used to be that we made a copy of data and stored it. Sounds simple right? Well what if something happened to that copy of your data. Static copies are a thing of the past. Storage Management is about finding a smart and fluid storage solution for one of the most important aspects of your enterprise IT infrastructure.

When choosing a Storage Management vendor there are a few key factors you need to consider. One is budgeting. Determining your current versus future budget will help you save costs in the long run by ensuring you chose a solution that can sustain your business. Generally Storage Management pricing relies on the type and size of the solution you need. Another key factor to think about before choosing a Storage Management solution is the growth expectancy of the data within your business. Are you looking at data that is expected to grow two fold or is it more likely to grow 3000% over the next five years to 10 years? Designing a strategic plan with these thoughts in place will help you decide which type of solution will best fit your needs.

There are four types of storage markets, they include:

Online Storage, this has maximized reliability and is growing quite popular because of ease of access. Backup Storage is offline and considered more short term. Archiving, this is used generally for long term storage needs. Last is Disaster Recovery, which is more for localized disaster occurrences.

Most enterprise environments mix and match any of the above for a custom solution. The integral part of deciding which solution is best for your business is getting to know each vendor and what they offer. Research their reviews and during the sales process ask for referrals to other businesses that may be similar to yours. So which vendors are worth a look? There are more than a few dozen storage management companies to choose from. First up is EMC. EMC has been a global leader in storage support since 1979. Some of their featured solutions include Backup for VMware, Backup for Microsoft, Deduplication and Tape Replacement. EMC is well known for their speed, reliability and for being defenders of the virtual world!

Another top contender in the Storage Management market that is at the top of their game is Hitachi Data Systems. Hitachi Storage Management touts themselves as being able to keep up with rapid response times and offer premier service 24/7. Their featured solution is called the Hitachi Command Suite. Their solutions range from mid to high end.

The third Top Storage Management vendor that you may want to think about considering is NetApp. NetApp offers multi environment networked data solutions that help you address data privacy requirements, regulatory compliance, secure storage consolidation and more.

Two more Storage Management vendors are big name businesses: IBM and HP. Both have built incredible reputations in regards to hardware reliability and enterprise conscience solutions. Some Storage Management vendors are even taking that idea one step further by providing support within a sustainability aware environment. Using a Storage Management vendor that you are comfortable with is highly recommended. We’ve mentioned a few of the top contenders in this article and with everything moving towards virtual solutions, we highly recommended doing some thorough research and finding the best Storage Management vendor you can.
Storage strategies are not for the faint of heart. They require research, planning and design in order to work effectively. Even if you decide on an easy to convert to Storage Management solution, you will need to do your homework to ensure you are going with the top Storage Management vendor that will meet your expectations. Did you also know that Storage Management may help you comply with regulations in regards to record keeping? Storing data requires a massive security effort and choosing the right Storage Management vendor can give you peace of mind and help your IT team sleep better at night as well.

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