Top 10 Products and Services in the Google Apps Marketplace

Updated: March 17, 2010

While it's still early in the game, there are some first-to-market apps that are gaining traction among businesses large and small. Here's a list of those that are fast attracting eyeballs and the reasons why.

  1. Intuit Online Payroll: If you're a small business with a modest HR department, keeping track of payroll dates can be a painful process. Intuit Online Payroll promises to ease the burden by integrating seamlessly with Google Calendar. Simply by logging on to Google Apps, users can run payroll anywhere, access payroll or paychecks from Google calenders, and print checks and pay taxes on the fly.
  2. OffiSync: For those who aren't getting what they need from Microsoft Office, OffiSync essentially combines the editing capabilities of Office with the storage and sharing functionality of Google. Users can save a file in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and it will save simultaneously to your Google Apps account. There is also a premium edition available that costs $12 per user per year or $30 per user for a license.
  3. Mention the acronym ERP, and most people think of high-priced, on-premise systems for deep-pocketed companies. promises to change all that by streamlining your CRM, sales, projects, purchasing, inventory and accounting activities. This cloud-based business management suite fully integrates with Google Apps, Gmail and calendar and is free for up two users. After that, costs $29 per user per month.
  4. SurveyMonkey: Forget about capturing bounce and click-through rates. These days, online feedback analytics and survey tools are helping businesses gain a high-level understanding of their customers' online experiences. SurveyMonkey is one of them. By helping companies collect data via polls and questionnaires, SurveyMonkey provides fast and accurate insight into customers' buying preferences — and gripes — using intelligent and reporting analysis tools.
  5. Aviary Design Suite: Because not every company can afford to hire its own marketing agency, Aviary Design Suite offers design tools and templates that allow users to create, modify and share images, logos, presentations, audio tracks, podcasts and other multimedia content. Teams can also collaborate on multimedia projects.
  6. Tripit: Forget about emailing itineraries back and forth. Tripit is a free travel organizer that consolidates employees' travel plans no matter where they booked. Colleagues can see one another's travel plans using gadgets and mobile phones or who's traveling where on a company travel map. It's like having an in-house travel agent — for free.
  7. ZohoCRM: Manage your entire customer relationship lifecycle for free for the first three users and $12 per user, per month after that. The ZohoCRM application streamlines enterprisewide sales, marketing, customer support and service and inventory management. By providing a single, consolidated view of customer interactions, sales forces and marketing executives alike are better equipped to push products, create targeted email campaigns, generate sales leads and forecast ROI.
  8. FreshBooks Online Billing: For members of the self-employed ranks, FreshBooks Online Billing app serves as a cloud-based bookkeeper. The application lets users send, track and collect payments quickly and efficiently. Users can send and manage invoices online; create and track invoices; manage contractors; email invoices; and collect online credit card, Google Checkout or PayPal payments.
  9. Smartsheet Project Management: The timing couldn't be better for Smartsheet Project Management as Web-based project management finally comes of age. As businesses demand more efficient ways of collaborating with clients, partners and subcontractors, the popularity of project-management technology is rising. Smartsheet includes features such as a Gantt chart, collapsible sub-tasks, and attachments that enable users to collaborate on project tasks, as well as deliver automated email notifications.
  10. Manymoon: Already used by tens of thousands of businesses, Manymoon is the most downloaded application in the Google Apps Marketplace. This application is a social networking platform that lets users attach Google Docs to tasks, projects and events; add project information to shared Google calendars; and Gadget for collaborative task management in Google Sites.
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