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The Benefits of Desktop Video Conferencing VS. Conference Room

Published April 24, 2017
If you are holding on to the idea that meetings have to be held in a conference room, it’s time for you to reconsider.

10 Reasons Why Automated Agents Aren't the Answer

Published April 21, 2017
Automated customer service agents are a tempting option. They never need time off. You don’t have to pay them a salary. They don’t even need a physical workspace. But despite these advantages, they remain a poor substitute for live agents.

2017 Business VoIP Features

Published April 21, 2017
If you’re considering an investment into a new VoIP system (or upgrading an old one), it’s important to understand what features are available and which ones your business will actually need. Especially if you want to keep costs at a minimum.

The 2017 CRM Comparison Guide: Q2 Edition

Published April 21, 2017
If you’re in the market for CRM software, we’ve got good news. We’ve updated our CRM comparison guide for Q2.

Get the ERP Solution You Want in 5 Steps

Published April 20, 2017
An effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a must-have for any growing business looking to quickly improve the flow and efficiency of various internal processes.

ERP in the Government Sector

Published April 17, 2017
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have helped businesses improve the flow of key internal processes. That said, there’s yet another professional sector that’s benefitted, too …

The 2017 Contact Center Comparison Guide: Q2 Edition

Published April 15, 2017
We want to make sure you have the freshest information possible, so we’ve updated that chart to reflect the state of the contact center market for Q2.

Contact Center Software for SMBs

Published April 11, 2017
If you run a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), finding ways to compete with larger, more established companies can prove troublesome—fortunately, contact center software can help.

What To Do When Your VoIP Contract Expires

Published April 11, 2017
Automatically renewing your VoIP contract is a mistake. The VoIP landscape has been changing rapidly, and it pays to review all of your options before committing to another contract.

VoIP Brings Big Benefits to Small Businesses

Published April 07, 2017
If you run a small to midsized business and you're still relying on a traditional phone system, you need to rethink things. VoIP offers most businesses, regardless of the size, huge benefits. For small businesses, it unlocks the opportunity to have an enterprise-level communication system without the traditional expenses.

[Infographic] How UC Can Improve Employee Productivity

Published April 06, 2017
If you’re interested in a straightforward way to improve the productivity of your employees, it's time to consider adopting a Unified Communications (UC) strategy.

How to Cut VoIP Costs Without Losing Features

Published April 05, 2017
No matter how long your business has been around, when given the chance to cut costs without compromising important business processes, you make it happen without a moment’s hesitation.

VoIP and the Contact Center

Published April 04, 2017
Ready for the big reveal? It’s simple—a Voice over Internet Protocol system (VoIP). Offering benefits in terms of cost and functionality, VoIP is the perfect match for your contact center.

The New 2017 Phone Systems Comparison Guide

Published April 03, 2017
It was a painstaking process, but to help B2B companies start 2017 off on the right foot, we recently compiled a comparative list of the top 34 business phone vendors in the world. In one, easy-to-reference location, we’ve neatly outlined the information you need.

How Video Conferencing is Reshaping Education

Published March 31, 2017
Video conferencing is quickly transforming education.Consider the fact that it removes educational barriers while simultaneously improving the quality of remote learning opportunities. These points alone are exciting, but the benefits of video conferencing don’t stop there.

Are You Using These 8 CRM Features?

Published March 29, 2017
One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when it comes to their CRM software is the features they don’t use. This happens because they invest in CRM with a handful of problems in mind, so they’re content as long as it solves them. But if you want to maximize your ROI, you should be utilizing every feature available to you.

Unnecessary VoIP Features that Drive up Costs

Published March 28, 2017
These days, few communication tools rival VoIP systems in the ways of workplace efficiency. From improved voicemail to email integration, VoIP products make businesses run smoothly.

Why Your Educational Institution Needs to Implement VoIP

Published March 27, 2017
VoIP makes a lot of sense for educational institutions—and it’s not just because of the substantial cost savings. Other benefits include increased efficiency and integration options. Emergency responsiveness can even be improved.

Is Your ERP Solution Out of Date?

Published March 16, 2017
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a modern, large-scale software program designed to help businesses improve the internal flow of important corporate processes and communication.

How Video Conferencing is Transforming Healthcare

Published March 15, 2017
The telemedicine revolution is finally happening. Experts have been discussing the potential for patients and healthcare providers to connect remotely for years, but the market is just now moving to adopt it—in a big way. Data suggests this market will grow over 14% annually through 2020!

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