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Updated: October 20, 2015

There are now more business phone system providers in the market than there were 10 years ago. With the greater choices available for a business phone system, buyers need to fully understand their options and get to know the strengths and weakness of each technology, brand and provider.

CompareBusinessProducts experts have been working hard to make the business phone system buying process simple and have created in-depth product, brand and provider comparison charts, buyer guides and whitepapers for the different business needs. 

Our Featured Research sections will give you the most up-to-date phone systems comparison, case studies and research and VoIP phone system reviews.

Visit our Vendors tab to discover the best business voip providers, get access to business phone systems comparisons and decide what is the best business phone system for your needs.

Our Resource Center provides an extensive selection of research from our experts to help you understand how to find and choose the best business VoIP or best business phone system for your company.

More on VoIP and Business Phone Systems

While a VoIP based phone system may be suitable in your area due to a very sound internet network in your area, a PBX phone system may work better for your business should your overall costs be reduced by leveraging in-house IT resources to manage the phone system. For many businesses, a Hosted Phone system may serve their purposes better due to the distributed location model of their business. Whatever your business needs, our experts have broken down this complex decision making process to suite your level of phone system buying expertise, phase in your buying cycle, or budget needs. We always recommend anyone in the market for a business phone system to start with our Phone System Comparison Guide which gives any phone system buyer a good flavor of the different options available in the business phone system market today.

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