HP Helps T-Mobile Save Time, Money with Converged Infrastructure and Services

Updated: May 22, 2012

HP Helps T-Mobile Save Time, Money with Converged Infrastructure and Services

HP announced that is has delivered an HP AppSystem for the SAP HANA® database and related services to T-Mobile USA, Inc., helping the wireless provider shorten the time required to analyze information from more than one week to less than a day.

T-Mobile, the U.S. wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG, provides more than 33 million mobile customers with customized wireless plans, depending on smartphone and data needs. It conducts highly targeted customer communications about mobile phone services and offers, but its previous analytics solution was too complex and could not track customer offers in a timely way.

The solution—built on HP Converged Infrastructure in collaboration with SAP AG and deployed in just two weeks—enhances T-Mobile’s ability to deliver targeted marketing campaigns to customers by transforming the way it delivers, manages and measures its wireless plan offers.

HP AppSystems for SAP HANA is a portfolio of solutions that are preconfigured with HP Services to address the varying needs of customer-database environments. The portfolio includes HP ProLiant servers, HP Storage and HP Networking. Together, HP and SAP offer customers high availability and storage capacity for mission-critical workloads running SAP application software.

“T-Mobile wanted to accelerate the timing and precision of our marketing campaigns to increase customer and shareholder value,” said Erez Yarkoni, chief information officer, T-Mobile US, Inc. “We selected SAP HANA running on HP Converged Infrastructure to achieve this result.”

To assist T-Mobile in the implementation and configuration of an HP AppSystem for SAP HANA, HP provided services to preintegrate the hardware and software, on-site startup for quick integration into T-Mobile’s environment, and support services.

“T-Mobile needed faster and better customer insight from its varied data systems,” said Paul Miller, vice president, Converged Systems, HP. “HP and SAP quickly delivered a turnkey solution that provides simplicity, performance and faster time to value.”

“SAP, in cooperation with HP, worked to support the creation and delivery of a unique and differentiated customer-tracking solution for T-Mobile,” said Steve Lucas, executive vice president and general manager, Global Database and Technology, SAP. “With SAP HANA, T-Mobile can more effectively track its marketing campaigns’ success.”

Changing the way clients access and use data

For more than 20 years, HP and SAP have collaborated on solutions that enable clients to use technology to capitalize on their customers’ changing needs. HP has completed more than 77,000 installations worldwide of SAP applications, and HP Converged Infrastructure runs nearly half of all SAP installations in the world. HP is a global leader in providing services for SAP environments, supporting 1.7 million users in more than 50 countries.

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