Cloud Enterprise Apps Delivered by SAP, Verizon

By Jelani Harper
Updated: March 21, 2011

Cloud Enterprise Apps Delivered by SAP, Verizon

March 16, 2011-Verizon and SAP America announced that they will utilize Verizon’s cloud computing services to produce a series of SAP applications, beginning with its Customer Relationship Management. By granting cloud accessibility to SAP CRM users, Verizon and SAP are offering business ventures a tidy package of software, previously configured content and services for a single price.

“Today’s announcement with Verizon accelerates the value companies can gain from our offerings, while controlling costs for an immediate business benefit,” said Robert Viehmann, senior vice president of solution assembly and packaging at SAP AG.

The cloud capabilities of SAP’s CRM are projected to vastly increase its rapidity, scalability, and ease of use. Customer support includes an Information Technology Infrastructure Library based help desk, while Verizon CaaS enables clients to utilize a global application based delivery center through a secure web portal. Additional security may be accessed through the Verizon private network.

Services will be offered through a user-subscription license model which allows clients to pay for the cloud hosting, infrastructure and management services, as well as the application itself on a user per month basis. Integration possibilities include using SAP applications with Verizon’s Managed Mobility platform to give clients the Mobile Sales for SAP CRM application on their handheld, portable devices.

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