Enterprise Class Video Conference Features

By Charron Conley
Updated: February 25, 2011

In looking at Video-Conferencing systems there are custom -tailored features for specific business needs. Video-conferencing can be used for many functions in work environments. For example, it is being used for tech support, business to business sales, legal work, interviews, telemedicine, and interviews. When it comes to choosing videoconferencing systems, customers should have a strong knowledge of how the system will be used because there are many trade-offs between cost and value. When evaluating an Enterprise-Class system they can be categorized in several ways. There are top quality specialized systems, and there are economy "talking-head" systems that are perfect for the home businesses and small offices. It is important to pick a system with features that accommodate an enterprise company. Here are some important features:

Desktop Sharing

Desktop and computer sharing and recording options make it easy to collaborate and document meetings. Sometimes members in a conference may need to share information without verbal or textual communication necessary. With a few clicks of the mouse, one or more participants can be in their own online meeting room sharing a computer desktop and receive the same documents in seconds. The meeting room can be tailored to fit changing needs, and participants can be broken out into separate groups to discuss and work together distinct from the large meeting. This feature can work with two-person conferences or large corporate events with thousands of participants.

Video Lecture

Video lecture allows many participants connect up at the same time. With this feature, everyone is able to see and hear only one speaker, who in his turn is able to see and hear all the participants of the video conference. The moderator has the ability to broaden or minimize each video window in this mode very easily. This type of video conference is ideal for lecturing and didactic events where the teacher can see all the participants. The participants will not be preoccupied by others and will be able to give their attention only to the lecturer. Though during a questions and answer segment, participants can see and hear each other when the moderator is ready.


Most of the enhanced electronic whiteboards today allow you to do all sorts of functions. Presentations can be saved for printing, emailing, and otherwise sharing the information right onto participants' computers. There are also an assortment of tools to move, stretch, delete and re-color graphs and photographs. There are highlighting and drawing capabilities that can further develop and specify information. This is a great way to ensure that all participants in the meeting leave with all the same information. The enhanced capabilities of these boards will not only make presentations better and more in-depth but they are more convenient for your audience. Participants are able to revisit the information in exactly the same form it was presented.

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